Idle Hands : please watch a comedy/horror short i made

please watch a comedy/horror short i made

So I made this little short to enter into a contest that I missed the deadline for. It was supposed to be a horror but ended up being kind of a comedy because of how ridiculous it was. Constructive criticism welcomed, but try to be nice it was my first "film." And I also shot and edited the ENTIRE thing on my iPhone 4S due to lack of money and technical difficulties. I think it came out pretty decent for an iPhone quality because of a film app I used call filmic pro. Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give it a view!

Re: please watch a comedy/horror short i made

All of the text and the narration at the beginning are unnecessary. Show don't tell. Present the story and characters visually, lead your audience to draw conclusions rather than spell it out for them.

This definitely plays more like horror than comedy. Not a bad effort for a newbie with no budget. Have you made anything since?