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Yup, and thanks for the kind words and the sharing, GiaJake. Gambling may be the most pernicious addiction of all. I can relate. As someone not prone to chemical addiction (smoked dope in high school, quit; then drank way to excess as a young man, quit) I can attest that it creeps up on you. It can take years to metastasize, so to speak; and like cancer, it spreads.

I was using credit cards to pay off credit cards,--that sort of thing--till there were no more cards left. This is like someone newly diagnosed with lung cancer ramping up his smoking from one pack of Camels a day to two, figuring that maybe all that smoke will drive out the cancer cells,--this is crazy! It's "magical thinking"; like a psychosis but not a psychosis; it may as well be for all the damage it does.

Then there are all you colorful people you meet and become friends with. Again, very seductive. One gambling pal of mine, a divorced woman, who must be eighty by now, said that it was better than sex. There was truth in that. Gambling isn't in itself sexual but it takes you to a place, brain-wise, that's a pleasure center; and it keeps you there, like an orgone box that doesn't quit . I have fond memories of many of the people I played with, and of the Runyonesque names we had for them,--Cadillac Louise, Smokin' Dave, Big Bill, Chinese Bill--I'd have fonder memories of that time but for the way it ended.

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Such a touching post, tel. I wish you all the best for the future and thank you for sharing something so personal with us. Your interesting, and detailed posts have always been a pleasure to read. It has been lovely knowing you.


Go to bed Frank or this is going to get ugly .

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Thanks so much for your wonderful post, telegonus. It puts everything in perspective for all of us, I think. I have such respect for you, for your intellect, and for what I now understand to be your courage under duress. I've always valued your posts, in part becauseI you brought such humanity to them along with your intelligence.

Take care of yourself, be well, and know that you will always be remembered, too.

The time of the singing of the birds has come.

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That was a truly brave and beautiful post telegonus.

Re: The Greatest

Thanks, Grant, Spiderwort, EVERYONE.

Re: The Greatest

As I'm thinking about it I realize that the greatest value of this place may be not so much the movies we talk about, or the directors, stars, and all the rest, but what we bring to the board, as human beings, what we make of it and of ourselves.

tele, you are an amazing person and I've always had the utmost respect for you.

Here's to our continued and much-valued conversations, today, tomorrow, forever and always!

Re: The Greatest

That was awesome and inspiring telegonus. Thanks.

Let's Take It Away

Thanks, guys, Mike and Petro. We can say our farewells for maybe another weak,--if the duhs don't kill the boards here first--then take it away to the other place. There is, I sense, a growing consensus that that's where a good number of us are going. I wish the name wasn't so like here, that there weren't quite so many boards, vast numbers of which can be troll friendly. It looks pretty good, though I'm going to dearly miss not just this board but the two dozen or more I visit regularly here, from movie boards to TV series and other kinds, too.

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greenbudgie has enjoyed reading this board and I would like to thank all the regular contributors now before it is too late. THE END over the Classic Film Board should be accompanied by some good old-fashioned stirring music.

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We'll Be Together Again - Carl T. Fischer, lyrics by Frankie Laine

No tears, no fears
Remember there's always tomorrow
So what if we have to part
We'll be together again

Your kiss, your smile
Are memories I'll treasure forever
So try thinking with your heart
We'll be together again

Times when I know you'll be lonesome
Times when I know you'll be sad
Don't let temptation surround you
Don't let the blues make you bad
Someday, someway

We both have a lifetime before us
For parting is not good bye
We'll be together again


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Like others are saying, before the 'Troll Take-over' the CFB was the ultimate place for classic film lovers to meet and discuss all the wonderful films.

During my glorious 16 years of coming here I have learned so much, and it would be impossible for me to remember all the passionate and friendly folks who have given so much of their time, but I am truly grateful for those sharing souls.

clore, teresa, spiderwort, JohnnyGuitar, Kambei/Joseph, Peekiewand, Maddy, kerpan, KeltSmith, MikeTheMechanic, JeffersonCody, BigKingTut, Dehlia, Papyrus Beetle, ccthemovieman, zetes, Spikeopath, pcgod, E_dward, and so many more who have shared soooo much.
Thank you all, and I truly hope you all find another safe and decent outlet to share your knowledge and passion. Maybe we'll cross paths there as well.

An audience should not be conscious of technique - David Lean

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I remember Kambei/Joseph's movie lists and how he sometimes complained that no one was interested!

And Dehlia, wow, haven't seen her on the board in a long time!

Boo, I've learned so much from you over the years, you've been a class act all the way!

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I hardly ever posted here but I would visit the board on a weekly basis to read your opinions and learn about little known films from the classic era. I enjoyed my time here and I will miss this place.

. . . The Bones tell me nothing.

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I'm cschultz-2, and I imagine the end of the interactive experience here will leave quite a void in my life. I've made many friends here over the years, and have learned more than I ever imagined I would. My thanks to all of you.

Does anyone remember a poster named sienel, or know if she's still present or active on the IMDb? I well remember her patience, knowledge, and many kindnesses to me while I was still a newbie, and would hate to wrap up the interactive experience without expressing to her my gratitude and best wishes.

Reconfiguring the Sixties

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To all at CFB,

Thanks for the memories (as Bob Hope would sing it). I shall cherish them always. It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of this board, and form so many friendships, and learn so much from so many about the medium we all love -- to say nothing of the value of the human experience within the context of our interactions.

I can't help but be reminded of these Wordsworth lines, which seem so appropriate now. May they provide some comfort as we say our fond farewells.

“What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now for ever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind."

The time of the singing of the birds has come.



thanks for the memories! What is life without you all>?

this board has gotten me through some tough times.
And taught me a lot---most of all, that movies are eternal.

THE STARS ARE AGELESS- Gloria Swanson, etc. etc.

Hugs to all!
Papyrus Beetle

"We will bury you"-NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV

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I'm Grant (the free-spirited, poster formerly known as Jefferson Cody), and while I have probably pissed off a few posters on this forum at times, I am pretty damn sure nobody has ever found my posts boring. I reckon I've shaken the cage a kittle bit, but I have tried to be entertaining and amusing on occasion- even if I have often gone looking for laughs in all the wrong places.

The Dude Abides

PS: Mike - I will never forget the little moment we hsd towards the end of that lengthy thread about Bruce Jenner's public transition into Caitlyn Jenner. After I read Buzz Bissinger's Vanity Fair interview with Jenner I realized the courage it had taken Jenner to finally reveal his true self to the world and come out as a woman. This realization was so powerful it moved me to tears and I begun to see Jenner as a hero. When I came back onto the thread I was a better person, and I shared this realization with you. You handled my comfession with tenderness and grace, and I knew I had moved forward as a human being. That was a special moment for me Mike, and I'll always treasure it. Hope you still remember it, and hope it was okay I brought it up on this thread.

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I've always enjoyed your passion for movies, especially those which often displayed more heart than artistry. And our " compatability" rating [or whatever it's called] of 62 is the highest of any I've checked.

"He was a poet, a scholar and a mighty warrior."

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Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

Jeff - I have often enjoyed your posts, and gotten some good laughs too. One of my favorites was spiderwort's treasure of a thread about animals and movies. I remember the moving tribute you gave to your beloved animals. It was the CFB at its finest. Be well and take care.

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I love you too kid.

Perhaps we'll meet again, Some Enchanted Evening.

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JC, thank you so much for that, of course I remember it! It was a special moment for me too and certainly a turning point for both of us.

We've both grown over the years in so many ways and to think that our involvement on this board was a contributing factor is just absolutely awe-inspiring!

I will always treasure the memories and the sparks, you are an absolute pisser and I'm proud to say that I knew Jefferson Cody, one heck of a guy who always kept it real!

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Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

Dear CFB,

Its been fun but all good things must come to an end.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.


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Keep watching movies, kids!
(Or TV, because that's not half bad these days)

Love, Hal-83.

Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents and everyone is writing a book - Cicero

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IMDb Member just over 2 years manfromplanetx... well it feels like I am as far away as Planet X down here in the cultural backwater of rural Australia...

Participating in this International forum has been a tremendous outlet for communication. With an inexhaustible stream of film knowledge flowing from our spirited members the boards have been a continual source of interest and inspiration. .

A warm hearted thanks to all the passionate film friends who have made my experience here so positive and enriching.

Hope to re-connect out there again some time soon ...MFPX


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Such fond memories of the CFB, from my joining the boards in their very first week in May 1999 and continuing very active involvement through about 2011. In total, I enjoyed twelve wonderful years here, making many great friends, enjoying endless discussions of favorite movies, plus developing and launching two fun, and sometimes controversial, games--Fixing the Oscars and Doubling the Canon.

When my work schedule changed and my movie-watching declined, I let my involvement slip... but always with the intention of sometime returning to the fold. I guess that won't happen now, so it's all just sepia-toned memories of the greatness that was... I can live with that.

Best wishes to all.

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That's a fine legacy lee. Fixing the Oscars, and Doubling. Well done, you should be proud.

Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

Thanks so much for dropping by, Lee. . It was so long ago now, it seems, when I first joined the CFB. You were already a veteran member. Great fun in those days, lots of interesting, freewheeling discussions, good humor, very little interpersonal conflict. Oh well. Optima dies, prima fugit, as they used to say; and sadly, so often so true. We had a ball.

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Hi, I'm TheGoodMan19, infrequent poster and Rush Chairman. Damned glad to meet you.

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief

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I never thought of making up a user name other than my name. Only that for some reason I mixed up the order.

My brief message: Goodbye and thanks for all the fish (though I'm not the first to write it).

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

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Woodchipper here. Been coming here for four years. A big thanks to all of you who posted and opened my eyes and expanded my horizons, moviewise.
Farewell and Adieu, until we meet again elsewhere on the net, maybe?

That's right! You're about to be killed by a zamboni!

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Divtal (IMDb added the -1, when I switched computers). As I've told several board friends, this week, you can call me "Caty."

I'm one lucky Baby-Boomer. Television was in it's infancy, when I was barely out of mine. Classic films were standard fare, in those early days. And, I had a mother who enjoyed watching, and discussing with me, so many films that she had seen in theater "first release."

I thought that I knew a great deal, until I found this board. I had much to learn ... still do. But, I had landed in the finest classroom that any curriculum, anywhere, had to offer.

The learning tools were so varied; open discussion, quizzes, reports ("What classics did you see this week?"), show-and-tell (BigKingTut's questionnaires about personal film memories), and essay questions about bridging the past, to the future of film.

(There was the occasional spit-ball, or two, flying across the room. But, that often served to lighten the mood.)

Telegonus, thank you for sharing your story. Oh, how I wish you well!

MiketheMechanic, thank you for the thread. Be well.

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Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

Hello. I'm umberto petrolino. I like all sorts of movies. My film-making heroes are Roger Corman & Charles Band for producing so many great movies.

My thanks to everyone for sharing so much information about cinema with the world. I've learnt so much and that's the greatest gift.

Take care everyone/.

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Hi, I am Taran_of_Prydain. I posted here only occasionally, but loved participating in the Garth Games. You all seme like intelligent, fascinating, wonderful people with brilliant loves for the fascinating and consistently rewarding world of classic film. I hope that maybe, possibly, many of you can reunite at the messageboards at, and keep the legacy of this place alive. I shall miss this board a lot.

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This is gunshotwound.
I always enjoyed the time I spent here at the CFB, whether I was posting a comment or just lurking.
I am going to miss all of the people I met here through the years.
Thanks everybody and I wish all of you the best life has to offer!

"Dr. Pretorius. He's a very queer looking old gentleman."

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Hi, I'm sol-, a primary school teacher from the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, in the state of Western Australia. Having registered this account when I was still in high school, I have actually been a registered member of IMDb for over half my life and have been using the boards (though not initially CFB) for almost equally as long. The decision to shut down the message boards is therefore an absolute life changer for me; I have graduated high school, graduated university and found my first non-casual job while an active member of the message boards. I feel like I have grown up with them, with all the changes to the boards over the years. I still remember the days where you had to choose a symbol to accompany your post and I always chose 'link' because I never knew what else to choose. I remember my annoyance when they ditched the old yellow design, put a character limit on how much one can include in a profile and when they mandated posting quotas for all - but this decision obviously takes the cake.

As such an integral part of my development from childhood to adulthood, my experiences on the message boards have indelibly impacted on my preferences and choices as a filmgoer. It admittedly took a few years to work out where my preferences lie and which users I had similar taste to, but my interactions with others proved an incomparable source of recommendations. In my pre-IMDb days as a young eleven to thirteen year old, I used the Halliwells Film Guide, lists of Oscar/BAFTA winners and nominees and all the usual sources to source recommendations. As I have come to find out though, my taste in film is slightly more offbeat and 'out there' and it has been purely through IMDb that I have been pushed in the direction of certain films that I now cherish and love, most notably Nic Ray's Bigger Than Life, the Welles version of The Trial, the films of Hiroshi Teshigahara, Body Heat, White Dog, Lord Love a Duck and Vampire's Kiss - all films that most here have heard of and seen, but films that draw blank stares when discussing them with people in 'real life'.

Saddening as the news is, I am trying to embrace the challenge and change. I have always known about iCheckMovies ever since Fish Beauty recommended the site ages and ago and with the Doubling the Canon exercise taking place on both this board and that one over the years, I think many are now aware of it. That's where you can find me and where I am planning to make my permanent home once this message disappears into the ether. They have some neat features and while their awards look nowhere near as sparkly as IMDb's badges, the fact that the site hands out awards for partially completing lists makes it more attractive to a filmgoer like myself who requires small movie watching milestones to help organise movie viewing habits.

On a final note, I would like to acknowledge all the events that have helped me discover great films over the years: the Canon Doubling, the October Challenge, the zolaaar/Lech/OldAle yearly polls, the zetes polls (even though they always closed waayy too early!), the Oscar Fixing, the second round of Oscar Fixing, the initial Doubling nominations stage (circa 2008), the Film General Film Festival, the weekly thread, the country by country polls, and anything else that I may have forgotten (not all of these were hosted on CFB but were certainly integrated in various ways).

Sol ong, farewell and may we meet again some time.

Most people think I'm mad. At least I know I'm mad.

Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

This is a sad time, isn't it.

I have been a member here for fourteen years. I haven't made that many posts, because I am not by nature a keyboard warrior, and have scarcely bothered with the other fora; but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the many intelligent comments about films and their makers, both on Classic Film and on the individual pages.

I cannot say that I have noticed any trollery on Classic Films, but I used to contribute to the Coronation Street page. This section deteriorated quite alarmingly a few years ago, when somebody with too much time on his hands decided to start about thirty-five accounts, all of which were obviously the work of the same person and all of which were supposed to be written by Indian immigrants (although I suspect he may not have been subcontinental at all) and all of which were devoted entirely to discussing, at inordinate length and at a very poor standard of literacy, which actress had the biggest wazoos or the hairiest bush. Needless to say, whenever he was called up on this, he would cry racism. Well, I hope he is proud of himself for having destroyed such an excellent platform for communication.

Why this social inadequate was not moderated out of existence is a point worth questioning, because it would have been the work of a moment to have discovered his IP address and banned him. I wrote at the time (it has long since vanished into the ether) that, a few years previously, I myself had two posts removed. One was about Helen Mirren and the other was about Sarah Miles and, yes, I can see how somebody who had led a very sheltered life might have been upset by what I had written. But at least I gave every indication that I had, at some point in my life, been alone in the company of a woman, which is more than can be said for this troll, who probably still lived with his mother. Not that there would be anything wrong with that if one's mother looked like Lea Massari or Jill Clayburgh or Julianne Moore or, indeed, Helen Mirren or Sarah Miles; but most people's mothers don't. Mine didn't, for a start.

Come to think of it, I had several other posts removed, but all of the rest were about how fat and repulsive Kate Winslet is, which doesn't really qualify!

I have just this minute signed up for IMDB2, which one hopes is going to prove a reasonable replacement for our sad loss, although it can never hope to emulate the amazing wealth of detail to be found here, and which, thankfully, is not going to be removed just yet. I had a quick look at the Reddit site, which someone else recommended, but I didn't like the look of it; I may be wrong. Another site was mentioned, with a very similar name to this one (can't remember exactly what; I'll search for it when I have finished writing this) but I haven't visited that one yet.

After I have eaten, I am going to send P.M.s to some of the contributors whose posts I have enjoyed reading here. No doubt, I shall forget to mention a whole string of people, to whom I offer my apologies.

Good luck to everyone, and let us hope that we find a new home. It is a shame that, through the idiocy of some of its contributors and the negligence of its proprietors, this one has been allowed to fall into such neglect.

Follow your spirit; and upon this charge
Cry, God for Harry, England, and St. George!

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Beautiful post, sol-! Loved reading you memories and thoughts. In case you aren't aware, I do believe the October Challenge and other Challenges as well will be hosted on Tromafreak's Trash Epics site: . They'll probably pop up elsewhere as well but you might wish to keep an eye on this one.

Wishing you the very best, sol! I've always enjoyed reading your weekly reviews.

That's all, folks!

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OldAle1 here and despite what some people have conjectured, my real name isn't "Dale". It's "Old" "Ale" which is a traditional English beer style and it's a name that just popped into my head; I had something similar on another site earlier I think.

Like most people on this forum I was already a "serious" film buff before I showed up here - but also like most, I learned an awful lot here, and discussions and people here helped point me in different directions. I can't remember now if it was here or on the Western board, or both, that I first had the Budd Boetticher/Randolph Scott box set recommended to me, about 8 or 9 years ago, or who I talked about it with. Clore and Cody and Spike, probably, or at least 2 of those 3. Maybe Addie as well, others. That's just one of many examples where the enthusiasm of others led me to something taste-changing and life-enhancing. I thank the whole forum for those memories and experiences.

Here's to the fools who dream

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My username for the time majority of time I spent on this board was Vagabond5. I want to thank everyone who helped me expand my knowledge of classic films, particularly classic foreign films. I started here at IMDb in 2000 and it was the best film appreciation experience I ever encountered. My husband and I have moved seven times in the last seventeen years so it was hard to make many friends, but I always had the boards at IMDb to keep me company and help me decide what movies I should be watching to fill in a lot of empty times. I have spent the past five years posting mostly on the TV GENERAL board, but I will never forget the time I spent on this board and the posters I met here that were so knowledgeable and kept the board interesting.

"If coincidences are just coincidences, why do they feel so contrived?"

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I'm Bob_Rohrer (my real name except for the underline), and I've enjoyed meeting the many good, knowledgeable and helpful people who populate the CFB. I'm going to miss reading your analyses, diatribes, lists, and OT comments. I hope everybody lands in a happy place. I'm sorry you don't all live on my street so we could keep in touch. Thanks for all your help, all the laughs, all the recs, and all the information this film lover didn't know before.

I bid everyone a fondu.

You gotta start off each day with a song ... even when things go wrong ....

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Joe Gillis: Wait a minute, haven't I seen you before?

Classic Film Board: Get out! Or, shall I call my servant?

Joe Gillis: You're the Classic Film Board. You used to be big.

Classic Film Board: I AM big. It's the IMDb that got small.

Best wishes everyone. Hopefully we'll find another home, or the IMDb will at least in part reconsider and bring back some of the boards, or something.

Back in 1999, message boards were a big deal, and for me, the IMDb was the first opportunity to communicate with people from all parts of the world.

I made plenty of friends on these boards, and it's a shame that because of the distances, I can't just jump in the car and pay them a visit. Even if I could, I'd probably be arrested for driving on the wrong side of the road.

What can you say about Telegonus? One of the champions of this board, (belongs in the IMDb hall of fame) and clearly, a champion out in the real world. All the best Tele.

I just want to mention a couple of friends:

Phlicker- Maintained the screen persona of Norman Bates in online conversations. Struggled for years with health problems, and became the first of the original posters to pass away. There is no doubt in my mind that the interaction he enjoyed on these boards kept him alive for a few extra years. He died in June 2005.

Hermit C-2 Another original poster. A former roadie from Atlanta who loved talking about obscure bands from the 60s. Belongs in the IMDb hall of fame for exposing the fake reviews of Sony/Columbia movies months before the media stumbled onto it.

Hermit died in January 2006.

Again, wishing everybody the very best.


What!!! No Gravy???

Check out the FAQ.


Not a regular poster but I pop in every day to see people actually doing what the boards were created for.


I'm not repeating myself. I'm not repeating myself. Oh, God, I'm repeating myself.

Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

Thanks for the memories and I learned a lot from this board.

AlexHurricaneHiggins aka Callum

Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

I've been a member since 2003 and have had a great time reminiscing about the films I grew up with in my youth, namely on Million Dollar Movie, Movie 4, The Early Show, The Late Show, Schaeffer Award Theater and Channel 5 movies. The movies of today do not have the same staying power of the classics but I do view them but not with the same gusto.

I will miss the IMDB message boards and recommendations that I have made for members to view "Lost in Translation", "Remember the Night", "Daisies in December", "Rachel and the Stranger" and "Home from the Hill". I am certain that those who have not seen these yet will enjoy them as much as I have.

Thanks for the memories as this baby boomer (as well as my husband) now with children and grandchildren of our own sign off.

Re: Please sign the CFB Guestbook

When I created this thread over a month ago I never thought I'd be responding to my own thread!

This site made it happen, kudos to the admin for a job well done!!

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