Code Name: The Cleaner : funniest scene in movie!!! *SPOILERS*

funniest scene in movie!!! *SPOILERS*

The funniest scene in the whole movie is where the old woman got in the elevator and he had that flashback of him swatting the soilders butts rushing them on the helecopter and then it goes to him holding the old lady against the door and spanking her yelling, " GO! GO! GO!" lol. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

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yeah that part made me completely LAUGH OUT LOUD, and made me hope for more funny scenes throughout the movie.

my hope was dying down until the janitor who was trying to become a rapper was in the bathroom yelling 'PUT IT IN MY @$$!!! HAHAHA OH man

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this movie seriously looked really bad


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The best scene was in the bloopers at the end when Lucy says, "get your junk in the trunk," and the attendant says, "aren't you that girl from Charlie's Angels?"

That stuff be funny!