Sunshine : Subliminal shot…what is it?

Subliminal shot…what is it?

I was rewatching this film on Amazon, and at 49:21 there is a couple frames of a face in the foreground inserted. I'm using the Amazon player, so it's really hard to nail down what that is. I've watched this film several times and never noticed it.

Anyone can cap the frame? It's definitely there.

Edit: I think it's 'Searl'?, the psychologist, but I don't understand why

Edit 2: there are actually a lot of cuts in this scene as the flashlights wipe around the screen. Lots of faces. Really weird.

Edit 3: Oh wow, there is a ton of stuff hidden here. It's the crew of Icarus 1. Super weird.

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It's the crew of Icarus 1.


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What is the point or context? Just to make it feel like more of a ghost ship?

I can't believe I never noticed that before.

To anyone confused: as the flashlights wipe across the screen, during the entry into Icarus I, there are frames inserted of the Icarus 1 crew. There are alot of these wipes and there are images in all of them.

Freakin' crazy

Edit: I guess my question now is whether or not that was always there, or if I'm seeing a different cut for the first time.

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We see those pictures of the crew of Icarus I while they still were happy and excited about their mission. There's a picture of Icarus II's crew too and now we can guess what their fate is

Edit to reply to your edit: it was always there.

sometimes one life If its the right life Thats enough. Goodbye, Harold."
John Reese

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It's not really "subliminal", because they are easily noticeable; or at least I had no trouble noticing these shots when I watched the movie for the first time. (I watched the movie on DVD; maybe it's different when you're watching a downloaded digital copy with a lower framerate.)

As has already been said, they are flashes of a group photo of the crew on board of the Icarus I. One of the astronauts (I think Mace) finds the picture on the wall.
- Icarus I team photo:
- GIF file, six shots/screencaps:

The flashes show a caucasian guy, a black woman, Captain Pinbacker (twice), an asian woman, and an asian guy (so that's only five of the eight crew members).

The Icarus II had a similar photo onboard, featuring its crew:
- Icarus II team photo:

The main difference between the photos is that the Icarus I crew is celebrating (what seems like) a sunny holiday, while the Icarus II crew is celebrating Christmas. So Icarus I is celebrating summer or the Sun, while Icarus II is celebrating winter or Jesus' birth. (Note that Icarus I failed because the crew lost confidence/faith in the mission, while Icarus II persevered and ultimately succeeded; but apart from that, the missions were exactly the same.)