Teen Films : Semi OT: Rant about teenagers...

Semi OT: Rant about teenagers...

I had to make this rant. I hope you guys agree with me.

Whenever I go on Youtube and sometimes watch episodes of the Maury show (PLEASE don't ask) and I sometimes see those "Out Of Control Teens" episodes, I see this comments flooding below the video saying "This generation sucks because they're all out of control and self destructive" or "I hate this generation because they're all having sex and doing drugs".

I am SICK to death of these stupid ass teenagers thinking that "self destructive behavior" in teenagers is new. It's been around for AGES. Back in the mid 90's, there was this movie "Kids", which was EXTREMELY controversial when it came out. It was a movie about teenagers, just like those teens on the Maury show, who have sex, do drugs, are in gangs, party, etc. And that movie was supposed to represent teens of the 90's. The *beep* 90's! Speaking of the 90's, back in 1993, which was 20 years ago, I was reading an old issue of Spin magazine which had Evan Dando, the lead singer of the long forgotten pop rock band The Lemonheads, on the cover French kissing a girl. And you know how when a new magazine issue comes out, how at the beginning of the magazine a reader sends in a letter talking about the past issue (i.e. "I loved reading about Taylor Swift! She's my idol"!)? Well, this one guy wrote a letter to Spin magazine and said "Wow. Two people doing the tongue tango on the cover of a magazine. What a message to send to your young readers in this age of rampant promiscuity!" And this was back in 1993, which was 20 years ago. Also, another time in Spin magazine back in 1997, there was a little story about a teenage girl who got trashed at a party and had sex with 3 guys. This was in 1997. Another thing, I'm sure you guys are familiar with the book "The Catcher In The Rye". It was a book about an angst ridden teenage boy who goes off and has sex and does drugs---and this book was written in the 50's!!!! That was before I was born and before my parents were born.

I'm also sick to death of whiny teenagers on Youtube saying this generation sucks because they're all having sex and there's no virgins left anymore. Excuse me? Back in the 20th Century (which was the Century where they have 19 in front of the year, like the 1930's, 1940's, etc.), many teenagers were having sex and losing their virginity too. There were a lot of movies made during the 20th Century about teenage sex. "Kids" was a prime example of this and it was made in 1995. The teens in that movie got AIDS and HIV! Also, there are many celebrities who were 20th Century teens and they lost their virginities at young ages. I'll give you a list:

Britney Spears- Lost her virginity at 14 (despite that during her heyday she claimed to be a virgin)
Deborah Harry (from Blondie)- Lost her virginity at 16
Madonna- Lost her virginity at 15
Angelina Jolie- Lost her virginity at 14 or 15
Kelly Osborne- Lost her virginity at 13
Kim Kardashian- Lost her virginity at 14 or 15
Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage)- Lost her virginity at 15
Marilyn Manson- Lost his virginity at 16
Trent Reznor (lead singer for Nine Inch Nails)- Lost his virginity at 15
Jennifer Lopez- Lost her virginity at 17
Rose McGowan- Lost her virginity at 16
John Lennon- Lost his virginity at 16
Johnny Depp- Lost his virginity at 13
Anthony Kiedis (lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers)- Lost his virginity at 12 *beep* 12!!!! When I was 12 I was watching "The Simpsons"!!!)

These celebrities were all teenagers during the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, and they all lost their virginities as teens.

Another thing, during the 1970's and 1980's, I like to call those decades "the golden age of groupies", because back then, rock n roll music was super popular and rock stars had groupies, who were women and girls who would have sex with rock stars. Many groupies then were underage. Back in the 70's there was a teenage groupie named Lori Maddox who lost her virginity to David Bowie when she was 13 years old! She also had sex with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin while she was still a teenager and he was an adult. Her parents actually let her do this! There was also a story during the late 70's about how rocker Ted Nugent married and dated a teenage Vietnamese girl. Another story was how during the 80's, Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers used to have sex with teenage girls, one of which was a Catholic school girl who was 14 years old! There was another story I read how during the 70's that Steven Tyler from Aerosmith used to have sex with a teenage girl.

Also, remember Fiona Apple's highly controversial "Criminal" music video that came out in 1997? The video was made to look like a teenage sex party. The video reminds me of that TV show "Skins". This video came out in *beep* 1997 and it looks like a modern day teenage sex party, like those rainbow parties or whatever! There's even a part where they have pictures of Fiona that look like those pictures you get a photo booth at the mall and they look like sexual pictures. There was even a part in the video where a TV rises up and on the screen it looks like Fiona had a Paris Hilton-style sex tape!

But were teens and even preteens as sexually active and out of control during the 20th Century as they are now in the 21st Century? I was reading a story in Glamour magazine about a woman who has a long family history of prostitution, and it started during the 1910's when her great-great grandmother (I think) got pregnant at the age of 11 to a man twice her age. And this was in the 1910's! 100 years ago!

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Teenager or not, everyone deserves to be treated fairly. We're all just trying to find our place in this world. Why judge?

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I don't mind the rant (and I think you make a good point), but I am a little concerned with your obsession over having to know when EVERY celebrity lost their virginity.

Boy, someone really did their research on that one!