Brooklyn Rules : Brooklyn… RULES!!!

Brooklyn… RULES!!!

Oh my God, I just finished this movie and am absolutely overwhelmed!!! If you haven't seen it already you should go out and get it immidiately, the 6.4 rating IMdB has given it simply does not do it justice.

Brooklyn Rules (!!!) is both a coming of age story and a certified gangsta flick, the likes of which I garuntee you've never seen anything like. The acting is supurb, and from the word go you are hooked. None of it seems contrived and the characters reallllly come to life. They aren't one dimensional charactures of what someone from another country might imagine New Yorkers being like at all. And the accents? Well lets just say these guys must all be from Brooklyn because they are dead on. Especially Freddie Prince Jr's!! God damn that man can act! Spoiler alert, HE ROCKS!!!

Anyway, like I was saying you should see this movie as soon as possible. It all makes sense and moves in a logical, linear order. Oh yeah, and if you like twists your in for a doo-Z at the end. Do I hear wedding bells?! LOL, LMFAO!!

Re: Brooklyn… RULES!!!

This film absolutely sucked