Teen Films : What is the name of this short film?

What is the name of this short film?

Hello, I'm looking for the title of a short film I saw some time ago. It was about this boy who was released from juvenile detention (apparently for assaulting his abusive stepfather), and is trying to live a better life by suppressing his anger. However, this becomes a problem when he finds a life that wasn't worth coming to. Once he comes home, he finds out his parents gave his room to his two little sisters, and the father, who is the sheriff) welcomes him home by punching him in the face. As the movie progresses
He finds out that his ex-girlfriend moved on with someone else (and is also pregnant), he has to work at an awful ice-cream place, and his best friend is dying of a terminal illness, but his parents wont take him to the hospital, and try to heal him through prayer. When the boy finds out that his step father is talking his mother into throwing him out, he decides to forget his faith, steal the step dad's police car,break into the best friends house, technically kidnap him, and take him to the hospital. The last shot of the movie is the kid running from the police through a graveyard before laying down, and listening to his mp3 while waiting for the police to find him, and arrest him.

If anyone knows the film's title, please answer.