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Why do people like Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Is a mean-spirited movie. Ferris fakes that he's sick to cut school for the 9th time that year. He somehow even though he's "sick" goes to school and says his girlfriend's grandmother dies to have her leave school. He ropes his "best friend" Cameron into coming even though he's legitimately sick. Ferris then wrecks his friend's dads' car and everyone's getting concerned that Ferris is sick even the newspapers and the cubs have signs and articles saying save Ferris. In the end Cameron has to pay for what he didn't do and Ferris doesn't get caught. The one excuse everyone always gives me is that it's funny but that doesn't hide from the excuse that it's mean-spirited and after kids saw it they probably thought that they could do whatever they want and not get caught. So why do people like this movie?

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Ferris didn't wreck the car. Cameron did to stand up to his dad. Cause ultimately the film is really about Cameron.
And yes on the surface ferris does seem like a douche, but really he's trying to help Cameron get over his fears, shyness and trying to get him to just have some fun.
The whole taking off school thing doesn't make ferris a bad person. He just felt it was a waste of time calling it "childish." and I can honestly relate to that.

Can kids not take one day off school? Because I think people think its a lot more important than it really is...

Also, the film is hilarious and very relatable especially for somebody in Highschool, I'm not anymore I now go to a university type thing but I loved this film when I was, and I still do.
And ferris is ultimately very likable. He's that cool guy that everybody wants to be, the difference is he's being that guy.

And some of the other things were really just for jokes, such as the grandmother dying, it's sort of like a parody of what kids do. Coming up with ridiculous lies to get out of school, the film just exaggerated it.

Anyway, the most important thing is that Cameron is paying for something he didn't do, he is taking a stand against a distant and most likely abusive father. All his life he'd been quiet and sad and looked up to ferris majorly as in his eyes, he's perfect, and by the end of the film Cameron learns to bring out the ferris in himself.c
This is also why the theory of ferris not actually existing is out there... But I dunno about that one..

Anyway I think it's a great film which hadn't dated one bit... But you may or may not think my opinions are all bull *beep* haha, cause its just that, your opinion... At the end of the day it's just a film. Hope this has been helpful I guess?

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Hope this has been helpful I guess?

Hopefully it WAS helpful to him. I wish more viewers could agree with me about how to properly watch and analyze FBDO. Too many people seem to take it the wrong way. It's a fun movie with cool characters that, like any John Hughes film, also tries to say something important in the end. Sometimes people just don't pick up on it, I guess.

This is also why the theory of ferris not actually existing is out there... But I dunno about that one..

Personally, I'm disgusted by this theory. I'm alright with seeing a deeper meaning in a movie, but people really have it wrong when they look at the film this way. They think that because Ferris is willing to introduce himself to two sunbathing girls, that he really doesn't love Sloane and they want Cameron to end up with her, so they create this 'Fight Club' theory to get around Ferris' supposed @$$ hol-ish nature. Quick scenes like that were really just meant for comedy's sake and shouldn't be taken seriously like the very important, meaningful scene when Cameron comes to terms with his life. And on account of who? Ferris. Ferris should not be called a jerk. He's trying to do something good for his best friend, who he DOES care about.

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I like plenty of things that are mean-spirited... I may sometimes even prefer them. Heathers, anyone?

That being said, while I do enjoy FBDO, I think it is 100% overrated. Not all it's cracked up to be in the least.

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Well Ferris is an interesting character and deep down everyone wants to do what he's done, kinda like Captain Jack Sparrow, he just has that personality. Plus I see it as a feel good film that's lesson is every now and than live life in the fast lane or else you'll regret it.

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Ferris is charming.

This is important because while his charm and persuasion work on his friends and classmates and family, it also works on (most of)the audience.

People like Ferris because he makes them feel good about themselves. He is fun, and well intentioned, and a rascal of the highest order. People root for him. Yes, he manipulates. But at heart he has good intentions (mostly a good time and experiences for himself and the few people he really loves.) He's not mean spirited or selfish.

I think to put an adult reading on Ferris Bueller is a mistake. He's a teenager so perhaps his vision isn't very far reaching, he didn't realise the true implications of what he was asking of his best friend, how he pushed him. I'm old now; I could spend an hour an a half scolding on Ferris. But why bother ? He's no longer for me. He's a symbol for the young and the disenfranchised and the bored and the misunderstood. He's for the stifled who need a day out. He's a worthy mascot.