Martial Arts : Get casted in new Cynthia Rothrock/Sammo Hung movie!

Get casted in new Cynthia Rothrock/Sammo Hung movie!

From Cynthia's Facebook page (April 11th)

"Very Excited… be on the lookout for The Amazing Shanghai Dragons, starring Sammo Hung and myself… We will be doing a kickstarter campaign to raise start money, if we do this we have funding in China…My first Big Budget picture and I get to reunite with Sammo…Mark Grove, Genius director will be coming out to film the Kick starter campaign teaser Sunday, and should be up in a few weeks… Hope you become part of it, will be my biggest film to date…and a dream to work with Sammo again and Hong Kong action in Shanghai. Stay tuned for updates...this is our first step, more casting to follow...and we will be casting from Kickstarter as well will get to send in a 10 second video ..but will let you know all the amazing details in the KS campaign."

JP is totally down to help out and contribute her martial arts skills in Judo and Kickboxing for this film! Two of my favorite martial artists ever. Maybe you got some music, martial arts or something you would like to contribute.

Don't be ashamed to scream-it relieves the tension