Martial Arts : Only remember one funny scene.

Only remember one funny scene.

This scene is possibly the opening scene where a puddle of water is shown on the floor with a continuous drip from above. The camera slowly pans up and we see it is a guy napping who has been drooling the whole time creating this very large pool of water. That's all I remember about this film and have always wondered what it was from. I think the actor appeared in a few action/kung fu films as the comic relief, but I never knew his name. He reminded me of Raymond Chow in appearance, but a lot goofier looking. I saw the film in the 80's but it may have been made in the 70s. Any ideas?

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Re: Only remember one funny scene.

I tried looking it up because it sounds really familiar. It is difficult with these old Kung fu movies because some of them are so obscure and seemed the same. I tried looking for a Casanova Wong movie from only 1 scene I remembered (like you) and it took me years to find it (it was a movie with only 6 votes on IMDb and under 4 different titles). The "I Need To Know" board is is very helpful with finding obscure movies. Have you tried asking on there?

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