Made-For-TV Films : question for Canadians about made-for-tv movies….

question for Canadians about made-for-tv movies….

Any Canadians out there? I'm curious about Canadian made-for-tv films, specifically ones that air on commericial networks or commercial cable channels...

Can these film be made, or air with, nude scenes included? The reason I ask is that I just watched a Netflix dvd of a film called The Girl Next Door (from 1998, not the Eliza Cuthbert comedy), a sort of Fatal Attraction thriller, and it had a few brief nude scenes in it. The film had an "R" (U.S.) rating, but it is supposedly a made-for-TV Canadian film, which made me curious. In the U.S., it's practically never that you'll see nude scenes in films on commercial channels. But in UK TV series and films, they show it quite a lot. Just wondering what is the policy for Canadian films in this regard? Thanks for any replies.

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