Kabei: Our Mother : Evergreen Sayuri

Evergreen Sayuri

Hallo from Berlinale! Sayuri Yoshinaga is one of my favorite Japanese actresses. Really missed her! Will enjoy her performance again soon today. So excited!!! Any other fans here?

3:00 14/02

Re: Evergreen Sayuri

This is more than a year late, but I just got my first exposure to Sayuri watching this film only 2 days ago. She apparently is very famous in Japan as I soon found out afterwards, and from watching her perform in this I can see why.

I am now a big fan. To me, she has this natural but strong aura of beauty as she graced my screen. I don't know if I can think of any other actress in her mid 60's that reflects that kind of beauty to me. She has aged very well to say the least.

This coupled with her subtle yet powerful acting ability simply blew my mind. I wanted so much to hug her at those moments when I was fighting back the tears, but ended up choking on them anyways. I, like Tadanobu Asano's character, was in love with her in this film too.