Insomnia : Best scene

Best scene

when Dormer was interrogating Finch in the police station. "you just wanted to *beep* her didn't you. YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH. lol

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Re: Best scene

I loved that scene - the way Finch looks Dormer in the eye and describes where the gun is. Dormer: rolls eyes, attempts to get out, is reprimanded by the younger officer, slams door, attacks Finch.
I liked the ending; the controlled Dormer now rambling. The garbage dump 'date', the unintentionally comedic log scene, the dialogue throughout
Basically, I loved this whole movie.

Re: Best scene

LMAO yeah the garbage date was hilarious

Re: Best scene

I loved all of Pacino's scenes. He was amazing. The scenes that I saw more than a few times though is the "garbage date" and that scene when he's trying to sleep and he's chewing a big glob of gum, that made me LOL.:D