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It is strange that we go through this life towards death building memories along the process. You know it would end, but you build it nonetheless. There is a certain sadness about letting go.

I felt that sadness when I heard this news. Not sure if it is more because of the fact that message boards are shutting down or the realisation that time is running out. I don't personally know any of the users, but it seems like I know them. Some of them since 13 years. 13 years is a long time. But I watch a movie, it was almost second nature to come here and check what guys are saying.

I remember joining this forum at peak of AK vs SK war with KANK releasing. I used to fight tooth and nail for AK. Lot of personal Abuse, sarcasm and pot shots those days with Rani aunty holding fort for SK with her supporters. We had Abhishes and Saruman aka man trolling the SK fans.

Pimpin, the neutral provocateur enjoyed the fun. He was the only poster from my city. And I found his choice of movies and books very interesting.

It will take time for me to collect my thoughts on time gone by in last 13 years.

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I really hate goodbyes.

You can continue posting here.

Or there is Reddit

I suggest you to join both. And see where we can continue this.

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Cmk, it's sad man. Remember the times when we used to exchange PM's.

When we love online friends a lot, I guess it means there is something wrong with our lives.

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Indeed Pimpin. I don't think it's bad that you get attached to people online. But you are in touch with them. You do see each opinion evolving, some don't.

We found sabrina, aj malt and apwbd here with their insightful discussions on movies.

Ratso always had a sadistic sense of humour

Mihir, the only one I met in person was through this forum.

And of course Vikad, the perennial devil's advocate with great sense of humour but also lot of patience. Never seen him burst out over the years.

Hurdy was a bully to beat internet bullies. But I guess marriage taught him.

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Will miss you Kubrick. Nice reading your posts.

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It's getting difficult to come to these forums.