The Devil's Chair : If you like this…

If you like this…

then I suggest you catch 'Session 9'. It's a US film with a very similar plot released in 2001. Session 9 has a higher rating but I personally prefer Devil's Chair, but if you are looking for 'more of the same' then it's a good choice.

Also it has that Scottish actor in it who played Renton's dealer in Trainspotting.

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Re: If you like this…

yeah, I came here to mention that it was a rip off of Session 9. I mean not just the story but also the way to make a low budget film in one location.

Re: If you like this…

Session 9 was a MUCH better film then the Devil's Chair.
This film had some very cool moments Some really sweet visuals But the film as a whole From start to finish, was a general wash out. Although my fave part of this film was the ending scene in the car. Really cool!

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