The Devil's Chair : Did anyone notice the change of clothes? SPOILERs

Did anyone notice the change of clothes? SPOILERs

I just saw this movie, and loved the ending!

I noticed (being a girl) that both of the women were dressed overly sexy for someone at work out in the fields, -an overnight trip.
The brunette in open toe high heels and deep red lipstick, the blond also looking sexy in boots and dress, -and I thought how typical stereotype of the horror genre to make women wear clothes that no normal woman would wear for such an occasion.

BUT after it proved that the whole scenario was all in his head, the movie showed the women in normal work outfits with more sensible shoes. And he wore hospital clothes, not the cool hunter jacket. It was awesome! Even the old asylum didn't look like taken out of a horror movie, it looked plain and normal -like no leafs on the floor.

The movie was "taking the mickey" out of its audience, knowing that none of us would react to the things that didn't make sense, since we're used to the whole B-horror genre. That's also why the ending needed to be so grotesque.

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I'm very agree with you. It's a little but a fantastic thing.

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I agree also, jadeskirt has a fantastic eye for detail. The majority of flaming threads on here are by people who do not realise that most of the movie was a delusion.

The professor who looked like a mad boffin, or indeed 'Gandalf', how would you picture a professor?
Beautiful f/ assistant, beautiful f/ student, geeky m/ student?
Egotistical and very cliched narration? (it was all just inner monologue. We are all leaders inside our own head)

I must admit that I did not recall the more demure look of how Rachel dressed during the flashback until I read this thread but I was already under the impression that the movie was becoming faaaar to surreal to infact BE real. The movie was incredibly clever in many ways, and that 10 second flashback (missed by many) is just a snippet of how clever.

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And you'll notice the fake Rachel in the car with him in the end is back in the first outfit she was in the purple dress with boots.