Drama : Gamlet (1964) and other films on works of Shakespeare

Gamlet (1964) and other films on works of Shakespeare

I recently discovered this Russian version of Hamlet and was very impressed.

Which other films on works of Shakespeare spring to mind as being particularly exceptional?

I'm curious to see the responses.

Re: Gamlet (1964) and other films on works of Shakespeare

I perfectly agree with you.

Russia also made an adaptation of "King Lear", which at least I (but not necessarily you) deemed to be even better. Of course, not of the real actors went to Siberia. They were substituted by extras, meeting a Siberian storm, while we hear King Lear speaking.

In Japan Akira Kurosawa adapted "King Lear", however with the title "Ran". In Japan all revolutions and all pseudonyms of that word (revolt, rebellion, mutiny, defection, uprising) are invariably considered negative. This is the problem about attempts to translate "ran" into any European languages. The movie "Ran" is a masterwork.

Kurosawa also adapted "Macbeth". I have forgotten the Japanese title, but you can easily finding it.

The German movie "Der Rest ist Schweigen" (The End is Silence) produced in the early 1960s is not a genuine adaptation. It is a thriller. But it has many merits. The time when the drama happens is WWII.

I did not see the recent Swedish "Hamlet" directed by Helene Bergström who also took over the Hamlet part. This movie disappeared too soon from the theatres. But this must not be taken to mean that it was of a low quality. She usually finds new dimensions of old stories.

There are a lot of "Romeo and Juliet" movies. I think there is a modernisized version which I have not seen (due to accidents). And then there is the question how much a movie is permitted to differ from the original story and nevertheless be called a "Romeo and Juliet" film. Is "West Side Story" an example? If it is, so is also the Swedish "30th November".

I hope someone else can add many more Shakespeare adaptations.