Documentary : Docus on debunking UFO ( and alien ) encounters ?

Docus on debunking UFO ( and alien ) encounters ?


I have been trawling YouTube for the suchlike.

I watched a few long documentary videos siding with the people who are for intergalactic alien UFO phenomena and that's all fine. Some were more persuasive than others, whilst most were simply eye-rolling in their incompetency.

Before anyone feels they need to attack me for being close minded, i still saw more than a few things that i could have no counter for and am definitely intrigued in finding out more about those specific reports...

Yet i recall someone saying that " if you open your mind too much, eventually your brain may fall out " so i, in celebration of critical thinking, want to find plenty of counter arguments for this phenomena too. The point of my search, is to hear BOTH sides of the argument and then make my own decision as to what i really believe. As I assume i can only ever have faith in either side because i'm never going to come into possession of any worthwhile evidence myself, I'll need to trust in others.

Problem with YouTube is, is that it's saturated in almost nothing but conspiracy/pro-ufo agenda type films and even when I am specific in my search terms, I've yet to happen across a feature length video, examining the evidence from a skeptical or alternative point of view.

Anyone know of any titles i could put into the search bar, that might help me filter down to more debunking topics ?

Thanks !

Re: Docus on debunking UFO ( and alien ) encounters ?

UFO's: The Secret Evidence (2005)

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