Conan : Triumph cheated on Conan

Triumph cheated on Conan

In case you don't know, Triumph and Jack McBrayer appeared on The Tonight Show on Thursday to promote their new show on Adult Swim called "The Jack and Triumph Show." It premieres next Friday. Triumph was funny, especially his shot at NBC about Conan. But it felt weird seeing Triumph without Conan. Fortunately, Jack and Triumph are guests on Conan on Tuesday. And for any Walking Dead fans, Lauren Cohan is the 2nd guest on Tuesday, so should be a great show.

Re: Triumph cheated on Conan

Yeah, when I read the title of your post I was thinking Triumph/Rob stuck up for Conan a couple of times. I also found it interesting that Fallon admitted to watching Conan.

Re: Triumph cheated on Conan

Just promoting the new show. Jack & Triumph were on Conan last night and Triumph trashed NBC...

Alright lets get this bull sh!t over with...
-Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm