Documentary : Help me!

Help me!

I'm like the laziest guy around, honestly I sometimes don't even get up to take a bite when I'm just a little bit hungry. Therefore I've finally decided to change my life, however I really lack motivation for anything. The only thing I do is working late evenings and home is just a place to sleep, this has resulted in a bit of anxiety, frustration and depression. What I wish to do to battle this unhealthy lifestyle is to go from lazy to not-lazy, start to train all out, have a change in diets and the way I live.

So I was wondering, are there any nice documentaries out there about some person changing their lives for the better, maybe from the same position as I am in. Or maybe someone that is living an unhealthy life and starts to take things more seriously for e.g. changing diets, starting to train. Or just about anyone starting to train to make it somewhere in the athletic world, I have the will to change but just need that little push. If you know any good documentaries or movies that could motivate anyone for the better, please leave it here as a response.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Help me!

Watching some of the episodes in the series Hoarding: Buried Alive (2010) got my ass off to throw out many of my piled up junk. Maybe it can motivate you to get moving.

"The not minding that it hurts."