Documentary : New Documentary about College Freshmen

New Documentary about College Freshmen

My name is Bryan Oldenburg, a 1986 graduate of Beloit College in WI, and the director of a recent documentary called The Mindset Movie: FRESHMENTALITY (see for full information). For some time, I've heard that IMDb excels in a wide range of film commentary, including documentary, and I thought you might want to hear about my project. This is a film about the past, present and future of the now famous "Mindset List" (please Google @ in particular, and the past, present and future of college freshmen, in general. This doc offers interesting glances at different generations, and how their mindsets have changed through time. My first sequel will be about mindset changes in Politics, especially poignant in the wake of the recent national election. You film buffs (actually, anyone young and old) would find this interesting. If you'd visit my site @ or my YouTube channel, and give me your reflections, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! --Bryan O

PS: Every generation has a mindset-- what's yours?

Re: New Documentary about College Freshmen

I have no idea, but that's an interesting question. I think generations go through phases as they mature, but something distinct based on dates-- that's really tough to pin down. I'll check out your doc's website though. :)