There Will Be Blood : Eli's Age at the End

Eli's Age at the End

How old was he? Why did he not appear to have aged over many years went by.

Re: Eli's Age at the End

I think it's because PTA thought the addition of old age makeup would be distracting.

Re:ELI could have been 20 at the beginning and 33 at the end

...simple...still looks young....I can still mostly pass for my younger self 20 years ago with a bit of hair dye....

Re: Eli's Age at the End

Ask Keanu Reeves or Will Smith.

If God exists, why did he make me an atheist? That's his first mistake. That and the talking snake.

Re: Eli's Age at the End

In the original screenplay it says that Eli Sunday is 18 years old when he first meets Plainview. So pressumably he was in his early thirties by the end of the film. Paul Dano is in his early thirties now and due to his boyish looks still looks very young.