There Will Be Blood : so who's the good guy?

so who's the good guy?

Is Eli supposed to be the good guy?
Or is Daniel supposed to be the god guy?
Or is HW the good guy?

Or is there no good guy?

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A movie isn't black and white; it doesn't always need to have a good guy/bad guy. It's about how it tells a story. How it makes you feel.

"There Will Be Blood" is the story about Greed and how the industrial age has affected man.

Daniel is the greedy man who is a
H.W. is the innocent little boy who just wants to find what he loves. It some ways he is us, normal people.
Eli is the type of person who likes to rips off of other people who do hard work.
And many such characters

The moral of the story itself is there are no good people in this world IMO; and like H.W. we need to stop listening to what those people say, go away from such people and just do what we love.

It's a perfect period movie and made me go through so many emotions.

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Especially explaining how Eli the so called holy man still rips people off.

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Agreed. Most characters in this story have a good side and a bad side - Daniel, Eli, Henry, Able Sunday, William Bandy. Even H.W. goes bad temporarily when he starts a fire while his family was sleeping - if they hadn't woken up they could have died! The only character who I would characterize as "good" is Mary Sunday, but we don't see her that much and don't know much about her other than she likes H.W. and seems to care about Daniel too.

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Actually, I think Fletcher was a pretty good guy. He cared for H.W. more than Daniel did. He was more skeptical of the Sundays' morality. It also seemed that also term Fletcher disappeared from the film (seriously he evaporated...where did he go), Daniel lost also all pretentions to morality. He treated everyone like humans and not some means to an end like the other main characters.

Of course, I may be biased because Ciarán Hinds plays him and I love Ciarán.