Noise : Something that I haven't seen addressed… (some spoilers)

Something that I haven't seen addressed… (some spoilers)

Ok, so it wasn't the worst movie I'd ever seen. The acting was good, the direction was good, I really enjoyed the scene with all those horns with the mayor but I had a huge problem with the entire concept because I couldn't sympathize with the Rectifier. This JERK is going around destroying people's cars because he can't stand the noise? I mean, turning off the alarm is one thing, but slashing tires and breaking windows? I was totally not rooting for him, but maybe that's just my own personal attitude, as other people have found him to be a very likable character. Which leads me to another thought

The IMDB info states that the director/writer based the entire movie on his own experience as being a "Rectifier" and actually did jail time for his selfishness. So, reanalyzing the film, I find that THIS FILM IS ONE OF THE MOST IRRITATING VANITY PROJECTS EVER. I feel that this director is justifying his existence and experiences with this movie. The "hero" goes around committing petty crimes, becomes a type of Robin Hood character, sleeps with women (including an unnecessary threesome scene), has a fun time being a vigilante, then gets back with his wife, and wins in the end and one of the last lines in the movie is his daughter saying in her sweet, innocent voice "Daddy, you're a hero," with little to no consequences. Really? I almost puke at the thought of this indulgent self-justification crap.

Maybe I'm over analyzing and the point is merely to entertain, but to add the director's own story into the mix really changes the dynamic of the film for me.

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Perhaps you're fortunate enough to live where there are few cars, because in all of the cities that I have lived in, the car drivers are exceptionally selfish and destructive.

the faults start with speeding, which makes the pedestrian realm much less comfortable. But then continues with the loud music that can be heard even before the car can be seen. The selfish behaviour continues with the running of stop signs and stop lights, causing crashes and collisions, some mislabelled as "accidents" where too often deaths and very serious injury occur.

The rushing of the red lights continues even when traffic is moving slowly, and the motorists completely block pedestrian crossings with their cars preventing access to crossing of the road to those with wheelchairs and strollers, and making everyone else uncomfortable. And too many motorists don't even bother stopping at pedestrian crosswalks, forcing cities to install full traffic control signals.

But the car doesn't have to be moving for motorists to express their selfishness or contempt for their neighbours. Motorists will park on sidewalks, in bike lanes and even in parks, where the weight of their cars damage the grass and the roots of the trees. Some will even park across the paths completely blocking access to legitimate park users.

The damage caused by lack of sleep from a car alarm is considerable, even when it happens only once. But in many places it happens again and again, night after night. If you are surprised to hear that there are people who are extremely anti-car in an urban setting, you should not be. These vehicles are in some ways worse than the horse drawn vehicles that they replaced. People still die from the emissions, while not bacteriological, people today die from smog and pollution from cars. Noise is the single biggest nuisance in an urban environment, and one that does not stay contained within property lines.

Kids can no longer safely play in the streets the way I, or my parents, could. or sense of the public realm has become lost.

Myself, I am not completely anti-car, but I certainly am against all of these abuses. I applaud the "hero" of 'Noise' for trying to "rectify" this egregious wrong. I, too, tilt against windshields because of all of the parking abuses, like in our parks, our sidewalks, and in our bike lanes and trails; these are supposed to be car-free sanctuaries, not free parking for all motorists.

Some try to write off these abuses to our public spaces as "Modal Bias." I don't buy it; it is just plain selfish behaviour that causes nothing less than the tragedy of the commons.

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i found this strangely insightful and kinda deep with the issues at large.

though interesting, i got distracted since the structure of the film seemed kinda inconsistent to it's opinion.

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Not to mention drunk driving.

I am not a Frankenstein. I'm a Fronkensteen.

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The "hero" goes around committing petty crimes, becomes a type of Robin Hood character, sleeps with women

You got a problem with straights, buddy? You sound heterophobic here!

There oughta be a law that protects heterosexuals' rights. Don't you agree?

(tongue firmly in cheek, y'alls, cheers)

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another thing that isn't addressed He's in NYC If you have to complain about the noise then you probably shouldn't live there.

The phrase is "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" not "When in Rome bitch and moan about the orgies."

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I agree. Very inconsistent and unreal storyline. Looks to me someone tries to justify past actions. And what is that scene w/ the two girls and the bed? How does that fit in the "message"?

In spite of some scenes in the movie, real New Yorkers CAN live with the noise.


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What I got from the movie is that the guy was over-obsessive, not intentionally, to the point where he couldn't help always listening for noise, and getting pi#^$ off when he heard it. You can't really claim to be able to easily handle what the guy was going through because then it obviously doesn't bother you like it bothered him.

As for his relationships, his wife completely failed to understand why the noise bothered him so much but worse, she refused to even try; so he ended up going out and dealing with it on his own, and lo and behold, he found a group of people who sympathized with him. The receptionist might have failed to COMPLETELY understand what his problem was, but instead of shunning him or turning him in, she showed him a different way (what his wife should have done) to resolve it- I think she realized that at the end, which is why she wanted him back in spite of his conquests (although lets not forget that she started dating another guy while he was in prison).

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For me, annoyances keep adding up

I just house/pet sat for six weeks, at a place that the owner said was very quiet

I guess he didn't register in his mind the barking dogs

At least 20-30 times a day I'd hear dogs barking, and once they'd start - I wouldn't know if they were going to bark 3-5 times, or for the next half hour solid

How much the barking bothered me the first few days and the last few days was VERY different

Annoyances build up - like in marriages, something that just kinda irks you about your spouse over the years builds up til ya blow

To you he was reacting - to me he was bothering the botherers

No one in my family uses a car alarm, though many have cars that have one. I'd be horrified if I had one and it went off on and on and I was having trouble turning if off, or didn't even know it was going off. But some of us are considerate.

I'm guessing you don't feel bad if your car alarm goes off