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Dos Equis

Does anybody else find their new "The Most Interesting Man in the World" actor - and commercials - bland? Even with the first guy, they seemed to be "going through the motions" for a while. Perhaps they should put the man to bed.

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If you can find a YouTube or any other still or moving image, I'd have a better idea of which guy you mean.

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Yeah. I don't find him interesting at all.

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I hate to be negative, but you are spot on,

They were running out of gags long before his predecessor left. It had truly become stale and bland by mid-2012, imo. This new guy is neither charming or compelling enough to have even worked in the original campaigns, so I don't really see him going into this new year. I feel quite strongly that it was likely a marketing stunt to squeeze the last bit of cerveza out of the concept. The consensus appears to support this bias.

The people that talked about it all seemed to agree that he was nowhere near as interesting, but if the goal all along was to intentionally get people to discuss it in any way, then it worked. In the end, it's just like an unwanted B-list sequel to an A-list film.