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"Getting to know you" commercials

None of the people are excellent singers. Most are passable- but that guy sitting on the park bench is a terrible singer! But at least he actually looks the part- like an untrustworthy sleaze.

Another thing- for the commercials being so much about people getting your private information, the music is so strangely happy and upbeat. Maybe it's part of a government ploy to start slowly warming us up to the idea of sharing that information.

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Using upbeat, happy music that's a little bit off-key, or in a minor key, often has a creepy effect, as when horror movies use children's songs or music box music
to create a sinister atmosphere. Then there's the use of "Singin' in the Rain"
in A Clockwork Orange, which reportedly angered Gene Kelly so much that he
refused to speak to Malcolm McDowell at a party. The music in the commercial sung by not-so-great singers signals their creepiness.

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Well face it everyone who steals your identity isn't going to look the part. A lot of times it's the people you least expect.

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Re: "Getting to know you" commercials

That was an entertaining ad campaign from TransUnion but it may have been too intense for sensitive viewers. I haven't noticed what their current TV commercials are about.

Citibank's ads could have rubbed some people the wrong way also.

Trying to make light of identity theft must be a tough assignment.

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