Commercials/Advertising : Bezos Rhymes with Bozos (kind of)

Bezos Rhymes with Bozos (kind of)

Bezos, CEO of Amazon and IMDb, should be ashamed of himself for destroying one of the wittiest message boards that ever existed. I will continue to post on the Goofs and Trivia boards.

Jeff Bezos is a jackass.

In fairness to Jeff, he probably hasn't paid any attention to our remote little backwater on the board. It appears to have been a corporate decision to shut the whole thing down and he seems like a nice guy.

"That's a joke, son." ~ Foghorn Leghorn

“I prefer the honestly simple to the ingeniously wicked.” ~ William Penn (1644-1718)

"Talk amongst yourselves." ~ Linda Richman

Re: Bezos Rhymes with Bozos (kind of)

you piece of shit come back