Animation : Big Bug Man (lost animated movie)

Big Bug Man (lost animated movie)

What happened to that? It was announced 12 years ago as Marlon Brando's last role before his death. Apparently it was a 2D animated superhero spoof. Was it ever completed? Why no release date? Would you like to see it?

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I was asking around the IMDb boards about it, a few months ago. Somebody told me that IMDb had removed it because there was no evidence that the film actually existed.

Might have been just a movie poster and somebody's wishful thinking. Might be that Brando's estate/family didn't want something as potentially-embarrassing as THAT to be his final credit.

Whatever the circumstances, whether the movie was made or not, it was never released.

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I honestly never heard of it until now. Very interesting.

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It sounded like an interesting idea, it has been well over a decade since the it was announced and the dialogue was recorded, i hope it does get released someday or at least release some demos of the actors recordings and pencil tests.