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Jessica Lowndres

Her wig was so fake looking and terrible. I thought it was just the blond from Falling Skies, Sarah Carter, at first with a fake blond wig for whatever reason, but no, it was a brunette with a totally fake looking wig, not even remotely well done.
Not to mention the 'mom's' wig in the flashback. She doesn't need to have the exact same hair cut for us to know it was her. So bad.
It just reaffirms why I've never been a huge fan of this show.

BTW, they sound very similar to one another too, Sarah Carter and Jessica Lowndres.

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It was Sarah Carter.


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It was not Sarah Carter. It was Jessica Lowndres.

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Not to mention the 'mom's' wig in the flashback.
Since that character was played by Christine's actual daughter, Emma, I do not think a wig was even part of it.

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The first Mother-Daughter picture I saw on social media showed her daughter with blue hair, so yeah, she was wearing a character wig.


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gypsy are you talking about the valetine episode that just aired?? it list sarah conner for that episode but not jessica lowndres

however... jessica played in an H50 episode in 2015

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I don't know what you are talking about.

In the Valentine's episode that aired last Friday we saw Alex's girlfriend who is played by Sarah Carter.

Edited: Sorry, I didn't realize the OP was so old. Well, the two actresses don't look similar to me.
This show has a "tragic" history with wigs.