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Let's be honest: Do you really need to…

Put alcohol in a dish to make it more adult? I get that some people like those flavors, they might add a wine or beer reduction sauce to add kick to their favorite meal. But is it really necessary to add it just because you want to feel more like an adult? I'm almost 20 and I think it's cliche that so many home cooks out there give you the impression that if you don't add some type of alchochol to a drink or to a dish, then you must still be a child. I hate when they say: "Let's just add some more tequila or some more champagne to turn this kid dish into an adult dish." I guess in society you have to drink for others to accept you as being grown up. It's stereotypical. That's like saying if you want to be a dog owner, you have to wade in the mud.

This is just my two cents in the subject.

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drinks sure,
cooking no,
a lot of great sauces are made with white wine or red wine,
sherry, even vodka ( pasta sauce).
they add flavors not duplicated elsewhere.
a lot of things can use beer too, breads, chili, gravies, steamed seafood etc.

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You sound like a very wise young person. Thank you for the insight.

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Agreed. You sound very wise. This is one of the reasons I stopped watching cooking shows. The close second is the ridiculously hard to find or super expensive ingredients. I don't mind an occasional splurge of something I might use in another dish, but not fifty different obscure items I'll never have a reason to use in the future.

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