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Paula Deen

She used to get on my nerves but danm if she hasnt grown on me like a fungus!

I LOVE her!
I want her friggin cookbooks, I want to be fat and not care, because fried food is yummy!

I love her stupid accent. Every time I see some product of hers, or her face on something,I cant help but say "Hey ya'll it's Paula Deen!" Its a compulsion.I'm from the south and my accent is NOTHING like that!

And shes funny, in a crazy old broad way.I wanna hang with her.Maybe my daughter is right....maybe I am old!

Re: Paula Deen

I know exactly what you're sayin'. I feel the same way, and I'm an old broad too...

"Long days and pleasant nights"

Re: Paula Deen


I'm from NC and my accent is less southern than hers. I mock her when I see her products too. That Jorjah accent.

Best wishes frahum migh kitchen tuh yurz!

I kinda think she hams it up for the audience though, her sons don't seem as cartoonish.

Re: Paula Deen

i can't stand her. her over the top accent makes me want to kick in my TV. I am from the Deep, deep south, and i know maybe a handful of people with an accent as god awful as hers. she "thickens" it for show and that pisses me off.


Re: Paula Deen

I saw her show today and she sounded fine to me.

Alabama is the deep deep South? What's Georgia then? Deeper South? Lol.
I'm from Georgia too and her accent sounds like it does in South Georgia/Savannah area where she's from....I'm from the Atlanta area and yeah we don't drawl like that here.
I've heard people from Alabama and ya'll do have some "country" accents!

Re: Paula Deen

She's kinda cute.

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