Appaloosa : Why keep a whore like that?

Why keep a whore like that?

She tries to bang your best friend, accuses your best friend of coming on to her, then actually bangs your enemy and then again bangs another enemy. Who in their right mind keeps a whore like that? Weak sauce.

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Who would keep her? A stubborn, honorable man who loves her. He has committed himself to care for her, and it is his commitment that drives his behavior.

It's part of the point of the movie, and if you have never known anyone like Virgil, then you just may not have met the right people to enable you to understand him. Or Allie, for that matter.

But he's real enough, and so is she.

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So he likes being a cuckold?

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No, but he understands that she needs to do what she does. And he is stubborn, as I said. When he commits, he commits. In the next two books in the series, he goes looking for her, to get her out of whatever trouble she is sure to get into, because he told her he would take care of her.

People do behave like that, sometimes. They have a code of honor, and they abide by it. It's not so common in the modern world, maybe, but it isn't unheard of. It also happens to be one of Virgil's characteristics. He doesn't give it up just because it's a problem to him. It's illustrated again in the final scenes. Hitch kills Bragg because Virgil won't, as he says, kill without a legal justification. Hitch is more practical, even though he knows that Virgil can't approve of what he does. That's why he asks V for a favor: "Let it go this one time, because I've never asked you for anything before." And V does it, out of friendship.

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Complete rationalizing. Any man with any self respect would kick the dirty whore to the curb.

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Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

But he didn't, did he? No doubt he needed your astute advice on how to handle his life.

How old are you, anyway? I guess not old enough to know much about how real people might behave. Or else so young you just have to try for smartassery.

Or maybe just can't get a date?" alt="smile.gif"> I can see why.

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Rather than a point of honor, he probaly was simply in love with her which sounds over simplistic but it's as obvious as that. He didn't have the "inner strength" to free himself of her.

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The Allie character was so contrary to normal Hollywood Western damsels.

She was very hard to like by most audience standards.

I think Allie was the TRUE villian in this movie.

She was a much greater villian than Jeremy Iron's Bragg ever was.

It also allowed Virgil to show his strength (or is it weakness?) by staying with her.

I think, if the film-makers had shown Mrs. French having some history causing her actions it would have been easier for the viewer. As it is, we have to suffer and wonder why she is so quick to change protectors.

Rene was very brave to play such a conflicted character.

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Some people were so hung up on her looks that they entirely failed to notice RZ holding her own with three very fine actors. And it is a brave portrayal. A lot of actresses wouldn't have gone there. But then, many other actors will do a lot for Ed Harris, who has great respect in the acting world.

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Neither Allie nor Virgil have much of a choice, and that's the point of it. She's a town girl, not a sod-buster, she doesn't have any money and doesn't have any way to make a living, but she won't be a real whore because she has too much pride. He's near the end of his career and all the women he's had are whores and squaws (apologies to any Native Americans reading this). He wants her because she's clean and presentable.

Of course, she's an opportunist and proves it by willingly giving to any man who has possession of her that which would probably be taken from her in any event. He forgives that about her because he can't be picky and because, in the end, it doesn't matter. She's the best he's likely to get and he's the best she has now. That's life. Older men make compromises and women in the 1880s made compromises too. They're both practical people.

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I have mentioned before how a recurring theme in Robert B. Parker's novels is the mystery of why some people form such strong bonds (romantic and otherwise) with seeming unlikely people. I was re-skimming through the novel a couple of days ago, and one of the chapters that was eliminated from the screeplay deals the Appaloosa (a horse, not the town) that Virgil and Hitch have been spotting running wild in the surrounding countryside. Virgil or Hitch makes some remark that no one knows why the stallion chooses some mares and not others. It's clearly a comment on the fact that the Virgil-Allie relationship is a puzzler, but that doesn't make it any less real, or to Virgil, any less valid.

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good assessment..

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Well, since you're buying the book, I'll let you discover how true this is (or not).

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She was a much greater villian than Jeremy Iron's Bragg ever was.

excellent point…she is a (he assumes) decent woman, who bonks like a whore..

actually she is just an unconfessed whore who fks like a whore…but he is naive.

men outnumbered women 20 to 1 back then in the west

just saying

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he accepts her weakness…

I agree that the worst thing she did was to falsely accuse Hitch, they could have killed each other, bonking everyone in pants is one thing, including the men who kidnapped her and would have killed her, but false accusations which could have set two good men on each other…that's at a different level..

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Another thing to add to all of this is the different way society looked upon actual whores back then. There have always been brothels, but until the 1900's or so, street walkers were very customary and would often do their "business" right there on the street - or at least in public.

I'm not going to get in to any of that "Americans are prudes" BS because I don't think it is prudish to not want stuff like that out for all to see.

But, I will say that, especially in frontier towns, being a whore wasn't all that looked down upon. Especially when so many men partook in their services.

I do believe Virgil admitted to doing such a thing. Since he wasn't any kind of hypocrite, he wasn't going to hold it against her for what she did.

And, yes, I agree that falsely accusing Hitch was a horrible thing to do.

Re: Why keep a whore like that?

Because he is a fool, thats why

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