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Mobile home

Is there a mobile home/luxury mobile estate (or a few) that has 3 floors/stories? At the very least, 2 full fledged floors, and a third you can stand in comfortably when you're 6'3''.

To be clear, DRIVABLE HOME (and not necessarily by an average joe with a (trailer) driver's license). I've seen two floors. I can't find three...but you guys probably watch the home shows and possibly do more research, so you probably know for sure.

Price, don't care about it. Just wanna know about the existence!


Re: Mobile home

How could you possibly drive it. It would not fit under any standard height overpasses.

Modular home, or pre-fab, it should be out there and easy to find.

Re: Mobile home

It would be a vehicle with limited passageway; just probably roadtrip capability. (you know, if it exists; can't tell if you're saying it doesn't exist or not!)