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Hey HGTV, TLC and Style Network…..WTF??

I used to love watching these channels because I'm a DIYer and couldn't wait to see Sabrina Soto, Candice Olsen, Design on a Dime, Design Star, Color Splash, Vern Yip, Trading Spaces, Income Property, Flipping the Block, Clean House with Neecy Nash and all the other design shows that had some great designs that you could replicate without breaking the bank.

Now all you see are those stupid "Somebody feel sorry for me because I'm a hoarder". Or how about I have 500 kids and counting? Seriously?? Let's not forget Extreme Couponing (another bunch of hoarders in my opinion). Or even better Extreme Cheapskates!! WTF?? These people are crazy! They are pulling their own teeth just to save a few bucks! WOW! I got no other words for that.

Then you have House Hunters (which by the way shows only homes that the "average" person only dreams of being able to afford. Then there's House Hunters International! Wow that's a great idea NOT! Or then there's the Property Brothers being constantly shoved down your throat, and then there's love it or list it. That one isn't even worth a 10 second stop to see what it's about.

I really hope that ABC brings back The American Dream Builders competition again soon. That was a pretty good one too.

It looks like the DIY channel have stolen all of HGTV's great shows and of course where I am you have to pay extra to get that channel! What a crock of BS!

Okay, I'm off my soap box now. Sorry about that. Just my opinion is all and didn't mean to offend anyone. All I can say is thank God for Nat Geo Wild and the Smithsonian Channel or I'd cancel cable TV all together!

Wendy Peek ~ Dallas, Texas
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Re: Hey HGTV, TLC and Style Network…..WTF??

I miss Niecy Nash and Clean house. I'm thinking of just getting rid of TV, it costs so much per month and I'm mostly paying for shopping channels, religious channels and kids channels and I don't watch any of those.

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Re: Hey HGTV, TLC and Style Network…..WTF??

HGTV should change their name t o REAL ESTATE TV. All it is is LOVE IT OR LIST IT OR PROPERTY BroTHERS. I TOO miss Olsen, and Sarah Richardson is on I the middle of the night practically and even her sho 're s,about buying . A, property in Hawaii? Yeah, right !!!!Real Estate,real estate,real estate. I am done watching. Every show has the same script even.

Re: Hey HGTV, TLC and Style Network…..WTF??

then there's the Property Brothers being constantly shoved down your throat

I agree, can't stand either of those douche bags, especially the real estate guy.

I can't figure out why this show is so popular, either.