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American Masterchef - 2

I have just watched this show - and although it is improving in presentation as the episodes continue - they still lag behind other shows in time management -eg- we were left in the middle of a judging last time.
However my main comment is that I have just watched an Asian woman tear a living crab in half and proceed to remove its appendages without one thought to the pain she was inflicting on a living creature (the same creature who reduced another competitor to tears at the thought of taking a life). I would not let this woman within fifty miles of a kitchen in the future. We have to take lives to eat - I know that - but there is a humane way of doing things.
I think the reaction of one of the judges to her dish was as a direct result of her former behaviour, but I may be wrong. His action was totally justified anyway - her dish was rubbish and she was too unintelligent to realise when she had been given a possible second chance - such coldness and arrogance in one young woman.