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Anyone else fed up with….

Anyone else fed up with lifestyle programmes, in particular:
Escape To The Country
Location, Location, Location
Grand Designs

Why are the presenters of these shows so smug?

Do we need shows about people we don't know, from places we don't like, buying houses we don't like, in places we've not heard of.

And as for Grand Designs, it is just a show of people with too much money, building god-awful eyesores with an smug, patronizing presenter who stands outside the building sites and rubbishes the peoples ideas.

Why are they still repeating this s***? Most of them are fiver years old and the prices are no good anyway.

There is no point in watching these programmes as if you do, on the odd occasion, see a property you like, you wouldnt be able to buy it, as the people on the show may have bought it, and the shows are done months in advance of transmission and in all likelyhood have been sold to someone else.

Sorry for such a rant but they say it is goods to get things off your chest. I live withtwo people who seem obsessedd with watching these programmes.

Anyone else have opinions on these or similar shows?

Re: Anyone else fed up with….

I agree. I am fed up with house make over shows like Amanda Lamb as well. You invest an hour in this (mainly manufactured I think) paint over the wall paper show and the homes shown are rarely bought by the fifteen minutes of fame wannabee who is supposedly looking for one. And are we supposed to believe that those horrendous wall papers are fashionable?
It's like Phil Spencers effort - it's chewing gum for the brain.

Re: Anyone else fed up with….

it's chewing gum for the brain.

Wonderful metaphor.

!-.-! Meow.