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masterchef manipulation

Here I am, moaning again!! My latest gripe is why oh why must cookery shows have a resident villain? It is so unnecessary and so manipulative. In the British Masterchef this simply does not happen - people are not set up against each other - they are not asked to make life difficult for each other - they are not asked to put each other in jeopardy - and they don't yell and scream at every opportunity. Most importantly, you will never see a live animal murdered in cold blood on this show.
I am beginning to dread what happens next on American Masterchef and that is not a good advert.
And what happened next? A blind contestant. Now whilst I thouroughly admire the grit and bravery of this lady - there are some things which are just not in a blind persons remit.
How is she going to take part in kitchen runs - cook and plate with speed and accuracy - be a part of a team cooking at a frantic pace for a massive event - the only way she can do this is with a seeing person to help her - and that is not fair on the other contestants as they will be virtually competing with a team of two. I truly hope that she is not the victim of sympathy judgements because this would be demeaning to her - but this show is so full of fakery and falseness that she will probably get to the finals.Don't get me wrong - it would be wonderful if she did - but only on a level playing field.

Well - suprise suprise -she won - not that it was decided the instant she walked into the studio or anything.