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House Hunters

I got hooked on this show last year when we were getting ready to start house hunting.( My daughter said I was old for watching those shows! LOL) After we bought our house I stopped watching but if Im just channel surfing I'll still
stop and watch.

I even used to make my husband watch with me, he made a drinking game of it...every time they potential would say "This is nice" or "This is great" he'd take a drink LOL thank God we bought a house or he's be in re-hab by now!

anyone else watch House Hunters, or Property Virgins or any of those shows?

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I just got hooked on watching House Hunters & Property Virgins too! I wish I had Sandra as my agent when I was buying my first house...my agent was a co-worker & wasn't that helpful like her(he was more interested in his commission )! But I don't remember acting stupid like some of them do on PV!

It's always fun to see what house they pick. It's usually the one that is over their budget or needs to be fixed up...which they swear they didn't want to do!

What about "I don't like this wallpaper"! You can always PAINT silly woman!

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Those shows are my guilty pleasure. My favourite house hunting show is probably Location, Location, Location.
Heehee, your daughter said that? I'm 19 and I'm practically obsessed.

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I got hooked on this show last summer. I recorded every episode that would air and would watch 6-8 at one time. I couldn't get enough of it. I'm still watching it and now I have added the International version too.

Did your husband also add to his drinking game everytime someone mentioned how the closet is only big enough for the woman or when one of the buyers would say the realator's name? You could get drunk very quickly that way.

I also like Income Property.

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I like this show too. I've been staying at my grandparent's house this past week. It's the only good thing on, when I'm having lunch.

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i have been watching the show for years and love it. there are a few hang ups i have on those looking to buy. some look at the home and some on what they say i think are ok. every time you hear them they say we have to update or rip this room out. i think most of its fine. another hang up, the style of the house. they want this type Victorian, ranch, Spanish. i don't care what style it is,
a house is a house. i do have one that i agree on some shows, when there is wallpaper. i hate wallpaper.

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!-.-! Meow.