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I hate home shows now.

first of all - speeded up film-
I ask each and everyone of you.
This *beep* is ANNOYING.

Second- you tell us repeatedly what needs to be done, then you re-show that over and over, and over, You must think you have to "recap" every dang thing because you just had 5 minutes of commercials. The SAME 5 minutes of commercials you showed 6 minutes ago.
If you condensed these shows they would be 7 minutes of information, tops.
3rd - then you try to explain why your idea is best. On one show you will be so full of yourself why (example) black should be white. Then a few weeks later you are so full of yourself why (example) white should be black.
4th WAY TOO many of these decorating ideas would never pass a fire code in a commercial building, so do you possible think that would be safe in a home?

And 5th - Buyers Agents SHOULD NEVER ACT LIKE THESE people on these shows. If you are a sellers agent then fine! If these people are really Buyers Agents they should loose their license.

A few shows that are still respectable, This Old House (though how many times can you tell us about putting in a water heater!?)
and Holmes on Homes

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Sometimes it annoys me too. But when I tune in late, I'm actually glad that they have recapping.

But they got me hooked in the beginning, I always keep watching just so I can see how it turned out.

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There kinda annoying to me also but also kinda helpful if u turn around ar get distracted and miss something but your right they do it to much.

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I like this old house and a few others but like some of the shows its like they tell you if you want to sell a house you have to take everything out of the house and buy some new stuff to put in the house so it looks like its not yours and so when people look at the house they can see in there mind there own stuff in the house rather then yours. Like we all have lots of money to hand out and get new stuff just to sell. or when someone comes to a house and tells them whats wrong its like everyone has there own taste and likes.

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Yeah, but it's true. People have unconscious reactions to what they see, and even if they rationally know they can get rid of ugly furniture or repaint, it will affect their judgment.

It's like an auction. The more buyers that like your house, the easier it'll sell, and the more money you'll get for it.

Besides, if you're selling the house, you're going to have to move out sooner or later. You can always rent furniture to stage the house - that's not going to cost a fortune.

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If you condensed these shows they would be 7 minutes of information, tops.

Probably not even that much, LOL.
These shows have lost their instructional value because they have allowed
reality TV to creep in.

These bozos are under the mistaken impression that annoying their
audience leads to higher viewer ratings.

You can blame it on talk shows which gave rise to reality TV.
For example, Jackass was funny, a group of Jackass imitators
tearing up a house to be fixed later on by an opposing team
is not funny or entertaining, it is trash and has no instructional value.

"Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers, that smell bad!"

Re: I hate home shows now.

A lot of tv today is like that. All you can do is create DEMAND for it. Write in to tv stations!

#1 New Year's Resolution- to write a novel. Join us.

Re: I hate home shows now.

write in TV stations?
no I have a better idea, turn the crap off and go ride your bike.

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I enjoyed Trading Spaces and wouldn't mind seeing repeats. I don't care for many programs that's now shown.

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Homeshows are ok to watch in doctor's and dentist's offices while waiting on appointments. Otherwise, they never see the light of day on my TV. Chef shows are never ok to watch. Eating is a basic human function of putting fuel into your mouth. Watching anything about the delivery systems is just a waste of my time and I'm sure our creator heartily disapproves. And to top that off they have horrible people like Anthony Bourdain as leading spokesmen for the delivery systems. I prefer ABBA any day.