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So now we have our very own version of My Kitchen rules - with a grand prize of - wait for it - £10,000 !!!
What a dreary offering - with below par cooking delivered to charisma free judges.
I can't put my finger on it - they follow the same formatt as MKR Australia - but there is no competition - no tension - no excitement.
I know the MKR OZ is highly fake and manipulated - but at least it is interesting.
Perhaps the colourful locations help as well - I fast forward through MKR UK. I hope it improves with age.
Some days later and it hasn't improved at all. The contestants are woefully inadequate cooks who wouldn't make it past the qualifiers in the Australian version of this show. They are allowed to use tins and jars of stuff that the Aussies have to make from scratch. Their presentation is like school dinners (as is the standard of their offerings).
If this series is meant to unearth Britains greatest cooks - let them stay buried.
This Sister George series reached it's final and what a predictable one it was. Such a huge task, three courses and twelve plates!!!
What a joke - I have just watched two teams on Australian Masterchef cook for 200 people in teams of three.
Twelve plates shared by all the losers? This series should follow South Africa's Masterchef example and sell the kitchens off.
So pathetic.