Soaps and Serials : All My Children update please

All My Children update please

Hello AMC Fans

Well I too have join the masses in the knowledge that so we will no longer have that one hour of our alter life. With that being said I have not been able to watch AMC on any sort of regularity as I have lived in the far north in the woods for the last 10+ yrs. So imagine my suprise to return real world which was crazy. So I tried to catch up so many new characters, all new generation and then the BOMB, no more All My Kids
So I would love it if anyone would be so kind as to catch me up in your best Readers Digest version: Need a few answers

What happen to Adam, Stewert and Palmer? And then any highlight you like to share. Should be fun to see peoples version. Oh what about thowing in your favorite storyline and characters. What is the story Dixie I thought she died , came back and then was gone again or did I make that up?

Thanks in advance and lets get creative