Soaps and Serials : Passions and Port Charles DVD Release?

Passions and Port Charles DVD Release?

I wish they would release Passions and Port Charles on DVD. Either that or stream them through a website like Netflix. When they were originally airing I wasn't interested in soaps or supernatural soaps, but over the past number of years I have developed an interest in them. I would love to get a chance to see them now.

Re: Passions and Port Charles DVD Release?

I know right especially Passions. I don't know anything Port Charles. Passions I want to see that one DVD for real.

Re: Passions and Port Charles DVD Release?

I think there's a large untapped market for soaps on dvd or streaming online. I'm aware that dvd releases of some soaps would be a ridiculous idea. Even if you bought 20 years' worth of The Young & the Restless, it would take you at least 5-7 years to watch the whole thing. And then are you really going to watch them again?

However, some soaps like Passions or Sunset Beach didn't run for all that long. I've never watched an episode of Passions but if they came out with dvd sets (of maybe one year of episodes per set), I'd probably buy them. I like good soap operas and watching one to completion at my leisure would be fantastic.