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New DallasFan here . . .

I never saw Dallas when it played here in the 80's (was too young), but one of the cable channels here is a dedicated channel for programs from the 60's to the early 90s. They are playing Dallas from the beginning, for the first time here in 30 years. I have to say I'm addicted to it. We are up to the start of the season that starts with Bobby stepping out of the shower, much to Pam's amazement. I'm trying to find out stuff before it happens but can hardly find any info at all.
To all you Dallas fans who've seen them all, who is this Wes Parmalee, and is he supposed to be the same guy who appeared near the end of the "dream season". I think his names was Ben. Is he supposed to be the same guy using a different name, or is it a completely different character who just happens to be played by the same actor.

Today's episode was the one that ends with J.R. Meeting with the retired army general.

And are you telling me that we go through the disappointment of losing the season with Angelica Nero etc so Patrick Duffy can return as Bobby, only to lose Pam anyway???????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR HOW FAR AWAY IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN?

I loved the last season, probably because I am a HUGE J.R. Fan. Things were finally going well for him. He owned 60% of Ewing oil, he had Sue Ellen back and they were in love etc etc etc, (that is until Sue Ellen blew up) (I was happy however that Jamie was dead, I didn't like her from the beginning, because she paired up with stupid Barnes to go after 2/3 of Ewing oil). Also, Ray and Donna had just adopted that deaf boy. Then they trash a whole season just because Patrick Duffy threw the toys out of the cot and wanted to come back. I guarantee some of the actors who consequently lost their storylines wouldn't have been very happy.
One last thing. Does Lucy ever come back? She's hot!!!!!

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So glad you are enjoying Dallas. Have the entire series on DVD. Haven't watched it in a while SI awe can't answer your questions. But will try to find out and reply ASAP. Enjoy Dallas, it was a great show.

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I got 1st 5 seasons on DVD at moment. Just love the cheesiness of it as well as JR. He was my first fave bad human guy.

One of my fave photographs of me is me with Larry Hagman taken at a convention. Seemed like a real nice guy in RL

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