Soaps and Serials : for the holidays soap fans…..

for the holidays soap fans…..

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JUSTIN BRUENING-All My Children/Knight Rider/Grey's Anatomy (161484994035)

ERIKA SLEZAK-One Life to Live Viki Lord Super Soap Weekend (161485000240)

JASON TAM/BRITTANY UNDERWOOD-One Life to Live Markko/Langston (161485000584)

SUSAN LUCCI-All My Children Erica Super Soap Weekend (161486301866)

KRISTEN ALDERSON-One Life to Live Starr/General Hospital Kiki. (161486304913)

LYNN HERRING-General Hospital Lucy/Port Charles Super Soap Weekend (161486305332)

RICK HEARST-General Hospital Ric/Guiding Light/Bold & the Beautiful (161486306396)

NATALIA LIVINGSTON-General Hospital Emily/Days of Our Lives (161486306726)

FORBES MARCH-One Life to Life/Mutant X promo photo (161486331805)

MICHAEL EASTON-One Life to Live/Port Charles/General Hospital (161486336141)

HILLARY B SMITH-One Life to Live Nora/Bold & the Beautiful (161486351940)

TREVOR ST JOHN-One Life to Live Todd/Victor Super Soap Weekend (161486380203)

JACOB YOUNG-All My Children/Bold & the Beautiful Super Soap Weekend (161486380449)

BREE WILLIAMSON-One Life to Live Jessica/Haven Super Soap Weekend (161486380823)