Soaps and Serials : Neighbours: Did Brownyn's father ever redeem himself??

Neighbours: Did Brownyn's father ever redeem himself??

For those who remember Henry Ramsay Brownyn Davies and her father, Gordon Davies:

Was there any mention of Brownyn's dad after episode 1058. The only thing he did during the couple's first wedding was act like the obnoxious, disapproving, jerk bride's father, who did everything to ruin the wedding, ended up guilt tripping Brownyn into post poning the wedding, leading to her and Henry moving in with him so Henry can spend six months to "prove he's right for his daughter", which is just code for sucking up to a man who has his head stuck in a hole. Given how he was in his last appearance, it seemed he was just going to spend those six months constantly looking for some excuse to break the couple up no matter what Henry did. It was unclear whether he gave his blessing when the two finally got married in New Zealand, it's left in the air if they did it with his approval or if they (Brownyn) just stopped caring.

What do you guys think?

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