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I'm sticking with soaps that had a limited run on daytime and prime time as compared to the four recent long-term cancelled classics (Guiding Light, As The World Turns, One Life To Live and All My Children):

DARK SHADOWS (Original series)

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I still believe The Edge of Night from its 1956 debut 'til the 1984 cancellation was the very best of the daytime soaps on TV. A close second would be The Secret Storm with the offbeat actions of the Ames family and Love of Life with compelling characters and interesting stories.

Of the cancelled soaps which had converted to the 60-minute format, I felt One Life to Live was absolutely the best - acting, cast, involved plots ... nothing but fun, thanks to Erika Slezak and the others.

What's the best soap of the 4 survivors in 2014? I'd have to vote for Days of Our Lives because of the writing ... which manages to involve ALL of the front burner major characters in whatever ludicrous action is going on and, like OLtL, is very well acted and produced. I'm not sure the beautiful cast members are a tribute to plastic surgery or botox, but the gals and guys are stunning. The Young & the Restless runs a close second despite the present executive producer's demonstrated penchant for destroying any soap she's controlling. Just look at what she and Brian Frons did to General Hospital over many years, killing off the major core families and making 3pm to 4pm on ABC a mob war for years. LOL

GH has improved under the guidance of Mr. Valentini and Mr. Carlivati, but too often they'll abandon a major plot development for several weeks and let other plots come to the forefront. They should take a page from the golden days of Irna Phillips with the 15-minute The Guiding Light as well as the 15-minute The Secret Storm and Love of Life which always were absorbing and well written. But that was 60 years ago and I was only 10 years old, so naive I thought these soaps were a fascinating glimpse into real life of adults. Ay, caramba, what a joke ... but I tuned in daily to see what would happen!

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Most brilliant but canceled--I would put As the World Turns at the top, even though I loved Guiding Light, too.

Even though Search for Tomorrow and Love of Life and The Secret Storm and The Guiding Light all started a few years earlier, and The Edge of Night began the same day, ATWT topped them all. It became THE classic doctors-and-lawyers soap. You can see how The Guiding Light, although older, was revamped later to follow ATWT's lead, with Mike and Ed Bauer following in the tradition of Don and Bob Hughes. Another World was planned as a spin-off of ATWT, and Days of Our Lives and All My Children followed the ATWT template, too.

And even though hundreds of different characters passed through ATWT over the years, it maintained a strong core around the Hughes family (and to some extent, the Stewart family--and later core families like the Snyders) so that it had much more stability than Guiding Light, for example, where there were long periods where the Bauers were almost entirely absent from the show, or Another World, that wiped out it's original core family.

ATWT under the Dobsons and then under Doug Marland was particularly brilliant.

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I haven't watched soaps in a minute I thought Days of Our Lives still came on. I remember Passions I watched that constantly. Passions was so different and yes it had some very crazy and weird story lines that didn't make sense but that is what made it brilliant and unique.

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I'm amazed you have STRANGE PARADISE on your list. I absolutely loved that show during its brief run.

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What was the US' ABC thinking(or not) when they cancelled the Soaps?

Both air and cable/sat networks are so boring anymore.

Not just soaps, but shows that require writing in general.

I don't want to watch crap like The Chew.

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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.....the funniest serial ever.

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