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Days of Our Lives

Who is still watching?

Why would I save a world I no longer have any stake in?

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I only watch when Carly is on and the SL she's involved with.

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I do. Every day, and sometimes the re-airings on Soapnet. It still has my loyalty.

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I have not watched Days since the mid-00's and I'll give you a breakdown of why I just gave up on Days...

* Back when I was watching Sami was the most one-dimensional character on the show....she just hated everybody for no reason and seemed to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever but her fans on the message boards seemed to love the fact that Scami was a friendless-schemer with no dimensions to her character...(Note)I've watched tiny glimpses of the show the past couple years and see that the writers finally started to write Sami as more of a multi-dimensional character, for me it's several years too late...

* The character of Paul Mendez as played by Eddie Velez, this man and character had the makings of a truly evil mad-man that could have haunted Salem for years...but instead they write the character in and he doesn't even have any scenes with all the characters that we were led to believe that he had deep histories with off camera before the character was on the show, and then he was killed off in about a month...

* Re-writing history, this show re-wrote so many back stories, one minute Stefano is Tony's father, the next minute he's not, one day Tony had faked his death and next we find out that it wasn't Tony but his twin cousin Andre that we had been watching on screen for several years....

* Forgetting characters: When Jennifer and Melissa Reeves came back in the early 2000's the show seemed to forget her history with Peter Blake and when I tuned in to see Louise sorels return as Vivian, the show seemed to forget about her history with Ivan....

Days has suffered from bad writing over the years and that idiot James E. Reilly ran the show into the ground with his crazy writing for years....the last time Days was really good was the time-period of 1994-1998 (IMO)

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THe show also forgot
that Roman is an important
character in Salem.

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I still watch. When GH moves into its timeslot in September though I'll have to start recording it.

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I haven't seen it since it was on in the UK back in 2000 after Sunset Beach was cancelled.

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Oh! he is wicked indeed. I would love to have them bring back Jordan soon to work with Hope and Raphe to bring him down. Looks like JJ might be the one catalyst to accomplish that task though with his undercover Narc role. The writing has gotten so good on Days. I am so over the Page storyline though.

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i first started watching "days of our lives" in late 1986/early 1987 when the characters patch, Shayne, kayla, Jennifer & Frankie were on. it was great imo until 1994. I haven't watched "days of our lives" (on a regular basis anyways) since 1994 because the writing got pretty far fetched even by soap standards. I tried watching the show again about ten years ago during the summer but I just couldn't get into it. I watch every now and then for a couple of minutes but it's not good imo.

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Days of our Lives has been amazing for the past month or so. Better production values, more interesting scripts, energized veteran actors and the "kids" rising to the occasion. I don't want to miss a moment.

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