Soaps and Serials : Home and Away - Far, so very far, far away from reality.

Home and Away - Far, so very far, far away from reality.

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I know this show is about as realistic as "Santa Claus visits the Martians" but come on.......

Has anyone noticed that there are only white people (or shades thereof) in this Soap Opera.

There are no Black, Brown or Yellow people depicted or even lurking around in the background on this show as far as I can tell - The reality of Multiculturalism, the great Australian values of acceptance and a fair go, where is it?

Also, as a person living in Sydney who knows the absurd price of real-estate here it requires a significant amount of "Suspension of Disbelief" to accept that these 20 something year old people with no visible means of support except for maybe working at a takeaway serving coffees or looking good and posing about at a gym can afford to live in multi million dollar beachside houses, wear designer clothing and swan around without a care in the world except for whatever twaddle that passes for a storyline.

What a load of CR@P.

This sort of confected rubbish is what inspires people to want to emigrate to Australia but then when they get here they find the grass isn't always greener and it's a bloody sight more expensive than they first thought.

Reality Check Peoples......Reality Check, Bust the Bubbles and blow away the froth.

Re: Home and Away - Far, so very far, far away from reality.

Couldn't put it angrier myself. I'm amazed that Brits look down upon Hollyoaks yet happily watch its vapid Australian twin.

Home and Away in a nutshell: moody girl has problems ; moody girl goes surfing ; moody girl's problems go away.