Soaps and Serials : Most bizzare storylines +/or moments on any soap ever?

Most bizzare storylines +/or moments on any soap ever?

What are some of the more bizarre storylines ever thought up over the years, throughout soap history?

I can think of a couple from Days of our Lives: 1.) When Vivian buried a still-alive Carly 2.) The "alien" Gemini twins - I think they were finally found out to be Tony and Marlena's test-tube kids or some sh*t like that.

I love Sasha Vujacic !!

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In 1961 Phil and Louise Capice returned to Monticello to live. Phil was offered management of an importing firm by philanthropist Casey Reno who was actually following orders from Scofield Kilbourne, high up in the dope ring and who had vowed vengeance against Louise's father Winston Grimsley for catching and having imprisoned him for embezzlement in Grimsley's firm. Casey arranged an adoption for the Capices who desperately wanted children, spurring the Capices' faith in his generosity. Mike Karr's investigative team found a connection between Phil's business and the dope ring so Phil was approached to work undercover to expose Casey Reno, who eventually became suspicious of Phil and Kilbourne had a hired killer come to silence Casey. Casey's lieutenant Sam Haven had hired cop Ed Gibson's sister to deliver what she thought were books but were actually dope shipments in 1960 and when she found what the packages contained tried to kill her but, although he failed, the "accident" made her blind. Casey threw a big Christmas party in 1961 and the sister recognized Sam's voice when he was talking to Reno, enabling Mike Karr and Ed Gibson to close in on the gang. Hired killer Lambert shot Reno and escaped to hide out with Kilbourne who lived in a mental hospital with his lover Ursala Bauer which overlooked the Grimsley home. Kilbourne noticed a resemblance between Lambert and Phil Capice and had an alcoholic plastic surgeon make him into Phil. An arranged accident enabled the substitution and Kilbourne now had Phil in his clutches. Lambert was assumed to be Phil suffering from injuries and went to live with Louise at Grimsley's mansion. When Lambert had "recovered" and attempted to bed Louise, she realized he wasn't her husband and was about to tell Mike Karr when she received a phone call from Kilbourne allowing her to speak to Phil, verifying he was alive, and warning her if she ever told anyone of the substitution Phil would die. Louise was beside herself for weeks and no one knew what was troubling her. Then Kilbourne came to the mansion one night, fatally shooting Lambert, and Louise was accused of murdering her husband. What was she to do? Kilbourne kept contacting her assuring that beloved Phil would die if she told anyone.

Phil Capice was played by Ray MacDonnell who did double duty as Lambert. You may remember the actor who was the original Joe Martin on All My Children. Phil Capice was one of the major characters on The Edge of Night from 1961 to 1969. I'm sure the actor who had so many bouts with crime and near deaths was happy to leave Monticello to move to Pine Valley. LOL

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WOW, thanks so much grantch, that sounds like an awesome story full of cool twists and turns - I wish could get my hands on some video of it. I'll try youTube. Incidently, I am obsessed with storylines involving someone having plastic surgery to look like someone else, and steal their life. What other good ones, from Edge of Night or elsewhere, do you know of? You are a plethera of knowledge about great storylines!!

I love Sasha Vujacic !!

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Sunset Beach there was that guy who faked his own death then posed as his long lost uncle.

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All the psycho clown stories.

SOMERSET = Jingles the clown haunts Andrea late at night and poisons her egg nog.

ANOTHER WORLD = Alma dresses up as a raggedy ann doll to torture and haunt Blaine.

ALL MY CHILDREN = Erica's long lost father Eric Kane is a knife-throwing clown.

GUIDING LIGHT = Roger disguises himself as a clown to kidnap his daughter, but winds up kidnapping and raping Rita Bauer. He chased her thru the hall of mirrors at the carnival with Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer's disco hit "Enoough Is Enough" blaring in the background.

THE EDGE OF NIGHT = the clown puppet murders.

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What little I watched of Edge of Night was that clown puppet murders, back in the early 80s, wasn't it? The housekeeper or whatever she was was doing it.

She told everything to Raven Scott and shot her, but the gun had blanks in it and the lady fainted from believing she was being shot, correct? Is this the storyline.

It was actually very good as she was trying to escape one murder and was standing in the elevator and someone saw her, so she had to act like she was arriving and became a victim herself or something, let them think she had been attacked.

It was very intense, especially when she opened that door and there stood Raven Scott, very much alive. Quite a shocker.

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gideonj34: "I used to watch EDGE OF NIGHT, but I don't remember this story at all."

I believe Elliot Dorn was a victim. The housekeeper lady shot Raven, but the gun had blanks, but she fainted from thinking she had been shot, then the housekeeper went after April, a blonde. Raven ended up coming to her rescue.

She had April in the basement and went upstairs and opened the door and all we saw was Raven's face looking at her. She fell back down the stairs.

Later, Derek Mallory told Raven he had put blanks in the gun to keep her from hurting herself. She wasn't happy to hear that.

I want to say was Bryan Cranston a victim here as well?

I remember the Elliot Dorn stab as they kept showing it in the premieres.

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Some were just silly, like the Delia and the gorilla story on Ryan's Hope. It became a joke because he threw her off a building (and she survived!) but she was falling for a week, the entire week!

Janet and Natalie on AMC, Katherine Chancellor and Marge on YR, those were just twin stories, same as Tony and Andre on DOOL or Pat and Maggie on OLTL. All Kate Collins did on AMC was the same thing Jacqueline Courtney did on OLTL was wear glasses and a black wig in a bun. No distinctive performance.

Julianne Moore as half-sisters, half-cousins Frannie and Sabrina on As The World Turns, that was a cool one.

Likewise, the alien on GH was silly.

Long before Marty McFly did Back To The Future and inspired Clint's storyline on OLTL going back to the wild west, there was the superb Dark Shadows with Victoria Winters going back to 1795. That one was brilliant.

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Tho I wasn't a fan of the show then, there was a strange slickness to OLTL's Eterna storyline and Clint going back in time. Both were just polished enough to be passable and now, if the Back to the Future movies were released in a dvd combo, the OLTL episodes should be attached as a bonus extra.

And the really strange Eterna story. I think that was propped up by the actors and perhaps the cameraman's filming.

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Guiding Light-Reva & Josh and the stories that came them traveling thru time via a painting!

Guiding Light-Josh cloning Reva! The clone grew to an adult & fell in love with Josh who realized it wasn't really Reva & rejected it. The clone then kidnapped the real Reva.

General Hospital-The Ice Princess story where Mikkos Cassadine was going to freeze the world with a weather machine!

Days of Our Lives-Marlena being possessed by the Devil.

I wish I had a kryptonite cross, because then I could keep Dracula & Superman away.

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I've already commented on this thread, but I've thought about starting this topic as well.

Many of the bizarre storylines I can think come from DOOL:

Marlena possessed by the devil,

Marlena killing half the town (and they were all hypnotized! No one was dead! Imagine Cecille's being hypnotized into thinking she is talking to the dead Caroline Brady!)

But I think the truly most disturbing thing I ever saw on any soap was once again, DOOL, when Sami had Will and she and Austin had to pretend to be happily married, as this annoying old couple from the child welfare office or the court kept turning up n a street corner or in a restaurant where Sami and Austin were arguing and would begin spying on them, talking and acting all concerned. It was just the worst idea I think I had ever seen in my life.

I couldn't help but imagine a teen-ager watching that and what messages it was sending them.

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In 1958 Edge of Night introduced Maximilian Bryer, a charismatic con man who preached so strongly his followers would donate to him. But the money began to not come in so he was desperate to get his hands on big cash.

Wealthy Mi;dred Campbell (Claudia Morgan) had been dominating her brother Doctor Hugh Campbell (Wesley Addy) making him think he was responsible for the boating accident in which their parents were killed. Hugh had been hired by Mike Karr (John Larkin) to find out why Martin Spode (Henderson Forsythe), who was informing Mike about a criminal ring, had died in his hospital bed after being shot in a showdown. Martin had been poisoned by Oliver Barbour, assistant to J. H. Phillips who was secretly the head of organized crime in Monticello. Phillips ordered the D.A. to go to the hospital and distract the police guard so Oliver could sneak in and administer the poison.

Although in theory Phillips thought the poison untraceable, Hugh identified it and was responsible for Mike Karr exposing the Phillips ring and the corrupt D.A. Hugh kept a sample of it in his laboratory. Mildred was angered that Hugh was attracted to artist Gail Armstrong and kept attempting to break them up.

Hugh's lab assistant Peggy was a believer and follower or Maximilian, who met Mildred and sensing she had big bucks began to woo her. Mildred was subject to violent asthma attacks and dependent on a medicine Hugh made for her which he kept in his lab.

Although a smart woman, Mildred succumbed to Max's blarney and married him. Max hated her and even brought horsehair pillows home to cause the asthma attacks. Meantime Peggy confessed to Max she had a fear of nights. He vowed to help her and managed to trick her into giving him a vial of the poison under the guise he could do good with it. Peggy was so happy when he volunteered to go to her home and help her overcome her fear of nights that she willingly went to the roof of her apartment - where he promptly shoved her off. While she was clinging to the edge crying "But Mr. Bryer" Max laughed and stamped on her fingers sending her to a splashy death.

Now Max had procured Peggy's lab keys and sneaked into the lab one night to put the deadly poison in Mildred's asthma medicine. Back home he kept causing her to have violent attacks. Finally, unable to get a breath she called Hugh begging for the medicine. Hugh delivered it and as she took it, Mildred smiled and apologizing for the horrible things she'd done to him told Hugh they were going to be happy in the future. She died shortly thereafter.

Max feigned sorrow and the police a few days later arrested Hugh for murder. Mike Karr hastened to defend him. Mike's wife Sara was pregnant. Slowly Mike put the pieces of the puzzle tougher and figured Max had murdered Peggy and placed the poison in the asthma medication. When Mike confronted Max, the killer pretended the theory was a fantasy. But after Mike left his office, Max was enraged and vowed he'd kill Karr.

Max gained entrance to the Karr home and terrorized Sara who began delivery. Max was shot in self defense and Sara rushed to the hospital to deliver Laurie Ann.

The colorful character of Max Bryer was on the show from 1958 to September 1959 - one of the most fun villains ever on a soap opera. His gleefully stomping on poor Peggy's fingers was truly memorable! LOL I really wish some kinescopes of his rampages and plotting existed. Audieces loved to hate him! LOL

I'm sure Claudia Morgan enjoyed playing evil on live TV. In the 1940's she'd been Nora Charles in "The Thin Man" radio series and for many years she'd played Carolyn, heroine on radio's "The Right to Happiness" and her romantic lead for several years was John Larkin who played her husband Miles, who died. Then aa couple of years later Larkin returned to the soap as Carolyn's new romantic interest Lee McDonald, working undercover for the D.A. (Larkin was replaced in the role by Kevin McCarthy after a year or so.)

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British soap Night And Day started fine and then to increase flagging ratings they went all-out crazy like the X-Files crossed with the Twilight Zone crossed with The Young And The Restless.

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Texas had a cool storyline known as Hi-To-Pah; a geologist had a fire compass that could be used to open a gateway to Hi-To-Pah, where a lot of oil existed. I think it was an Indian burial ground; anyway, sometimes the compass would release a poisonous gas that would kill and then mummify the victims- I think Miles English, Beau, and finally Gretchen were all killed by it. Ruby, Mark, Brett and Rikki were the four wandering around for most of the summer, being chased by Gretchen and Mr. Hannibal. It was a fun storyline.

I've heard of the Jingles the Clown story on Somerset and that it was pretty frightening... too bad clips from that storyline probably don't even exist anymore.

Sven terrorizing the Corys is a favorite from AW, but I was so young I just have vague recollections of his kidnapping Rachel and then eventually Mac rescuing her but then she was tossed around and hit her head and went blind. . .

Alma terrorizing Blaine on AW though, now that was a bizarre storyline! Elizabeth Franz was incredible as Alma, and when she dressed up in that Raggedy Ann costume and chased Blaine around, it was one of those had to be seen to be believed moments! AW kind of sucked around that time, but that storyline kept me absolutely riveted and was pretty controversial, because it was pretty nasty what Ceceile and Alma did to Blaine.

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The Doctors had one of the most bizarre storylines ever, but most people don't know it because in it's last year, it was the lowest rated soap. Anyway, the story involved grave robbers, necrophilia, and a mysterious disease which came as a result. A couple of main characters died, including matriarch Mona Aldrich. While the medical staff tried to contain and cure the disease, a woman showed up who had a youth serum- she was really over 80 years old but looked like she was 22. Eventually, she ran out of the serum and she aged rapidly from 22 to 80, while her lookalike daughter pretended to be her and ended up marrying the man her mother had been engaged to, with the groom never knowing the difference! A crazy story, and that graveyard stuff was pretty scary to the 10 year old I was at the time!

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Everything on Passions.