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Favorite Soap Couples

Who are some of your favorite soap couples? I use to love Cruz and Eden from SB, and of course Bo and Hope from Days. Another one I liked was Blair and Todd from OLTL.

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Re: Favorite Soap Couples

Margo and Tom Hughes -- AS THE WORLD TURNS

Nola Reardon and Quinton McCord -- THE GUIDING LIGHT

Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck -- AS THE WORLD TURNS

Hope Bauer and Alan Spaulding -- THE GUIDING LIGHT

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Re: Favorite Soap Couples

Palmer and Daisy, "All My Children"

Michael and Donna, "Another World"

Trey and Sloane, "Capitol"

Victor and Maggie, "Days of Our Lives"

Sky and Raven, "The Edge of Night"

Alan and Monica, "General Hospital"

Fletcher and Alexandra, "Guiding Light"

Herb and Dorian, "One Life to Live"

Roger and Delia, "Ryan's Hope"

Lionel and Augusta, "Santa Barbara"

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Joe and Ruth All My Children

Mac and Rachel Another World

Ton and Alice Days Of Our Lives

Steve and Audrey General Hospital

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OMG I forgot about Lionel and Augusta!

"We all go a little mad sometimes."

Re: Favorite Soap Couples

The doomed Nikolas and Emily (Tyler Christopher, Natalia Livingston) on GENERAL HOSPITAL!

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Cliff and Nina -All My Children
Vicki and Clint -One Life To Live
Cass and Frankie -Another World

Re: Favorite Soap Couples

John and Sharlene ~ Another World

Frankie and Cass ~ Another World

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Luke and Laura, General Hospital. Who else?

Other favorites are

April and Draper Edge of Night
Mike and Nancy Edge of Night
Kim and Bob As the World Turns

Re: Favorite Soap Couples

Jesse and Angie - All My Children

Frank and Nancy - All My Children

Patrick and Robin - General Hospital

Brian and Claudia - General Hospital

Erica and Dimitri - All My Children

Greg and Jenny - All My Children

Phoebe and Langley - All My Children

Ed and Carla - One Life to Live

Star and Calvin - The Edge of Night